Veronica Mars: 4 Best Latino Characters

Are you a Marshmallow?

If you are, then you'll probably be in line tonight to see Veronica Marsthe movie version of the cancelled cult-classic TV show. In anticipation of tonight's film, we're taking a look back at some of the show's Latino characters. 

Ok, so truth be told, there weren't too many Latinos on the show, and most of them were affiliated with the PCH Biker Gang. But, good or bad, these characters had a major impact on the show. From Weevil to Thumper, here are the most memorable Latino characters from Veronica Mars: 

1. Eli “Weevil” Navarro

Eli “Weevil” Navarro:

Weevil was an exceptionally nuanced character. Played by Francis Capra, Weevil is the head of the mildly terrifying (yet slightly adorable) head of the local PCH biker gang. Him and Veronica Mars have a complicated relationship...and even though we know Veronica will never be a true outsider like Weevil, we know they’ve always got each others backs.

2. Felix Toombs

Felix Toombs:
Weevil’s right hand man, Felix Toombs, was tragically murdered in the first season of the show. Although Brad Bufanda’s characters get killed off early in the show, his death serves as a major plot point for the following season. Veronica and Weevil team up to track down who killed their friend...and end up stumbling upon Toombs’ forbidden love affair. We were devastated to see his Romeo & Juliet romance cut short so tragically.

3. Eduardo “Thumper” Orozco

Eduardo “Thumper” Orozco: 
Oh, Thumper. This kid had a serious power complex...and it made for great television. Played by James Molina, Thumper just wanted to be the head honcho of the PCH biker gang. When his coup fails, he suffers a pretty horrifying death at the hands of the Fitzpatricks. It’s certainly one of the darker scenes in the show...and one that we’ll never be able to forget.

4. Fern Delgado

Fern Delgado: 
Fern Delgado is a disgruntled feminist whom Veronica meets while enrolled at Hearst College. So her thoughts about feminism were pretty misguided, and she was pretty quick to rush to judgment over who was committing a series of rapes on campus. But, despite her faults, she wasn’t afraid to stand up for yourself. And, truth be told, she was kind of a badass.