Our 5 Favorite Quotes From 'Selena'

It's been over 16 years since Selena was released, but the classic film about Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez lives on as one of our favorite movies of all time. Time and time again, we've sat down with our family and friends to watch the hilarious, touching, and heartwrenching movie about the young singer's life and death. 

Here's a special treat! Our five favorite quotes from one of our favorite movies: 

1. Tejano Music Is All Men

After Selena y Los Dinos perform for a tiny crowd, Abraham Quintanilla immediately begins chastising them for their poor playing. His wife, Marcella, interjects, telling him that he needs to cut his kids some slack. Abraham refuses, partly because he sees so much potential in his young daughter. (skip to 6:30)

Marcella: Tejano music is all men, you know that! Women are not successful.

Abraham: Marcella, everything you're saying -- I understand! But, she is special! She's got it! I can feel it. I know it. She's going to make it. 


2. It's exhausting!

Abraham Quintanilla schools his children on the trials and tribulations of being a Mexican-American. Watch the hilarious rant in full. 

Abraham: We have to be more Mexican than the  Mexicans and more American than the Americans, both at the same time! It’s exhausting! Nobody knows how tough it is being a Mexican-American!

3. Bustiquela?

Abraham Quintanilla channels the spirit of every Mexican-American papá when he freaks out over Selena's revealing fashion choice.

Abraham: Marcella! Marcella! What is she wearing? She's practically got nothing on! She's in her bra!

Marcella: Abraham, it's not just her bra. It's one of those things -- like all the girls are wearing!

Abraham: Marcella, she can't be wearing things like that! There are men out here!

Marcella: It's a bustier!

Abraham: Bustiquela!?! It's a bra! Look at it! 

4. How Do You Keep Your Trim Figure?

On a date with Chris Perez, Selena hilariously discusses how she keeps her trim and lean figure. 

Selena: Well, I eat medium pizzas all by myself with lots of pepperoni -- that's important. And I drink cokes, and I scarf Doritos, and never exercise!

5. Anything for Selenas!

In one of the most iconic scenes in the movie, two men in a low-rider stop to offer assistance to Selena when her tour bus drives into a ditch. The two are ridiculously excited to be helping their idol -- Selenas! When they attempt to pull the bus out of the ditch, they accidentally tear off their rear bumper. The man refuses to let Selena pay for the damage, and instead answers:

Man #1: Are you kidding me, man? This bumper is going to go on the wall of my garage, carnal! I’m going to put a little sign under it that's going to say, ‘This bumper was pulled off by the bus of Selenas!’