5 Ways Your Dad is Like the Dad From 'Selena'

This Father's Day, we're celebrating one of our favorite on-screen (and real life) fathers: Abraham Quintanilla, Jr.

Selena Quintanilla's papa (played by Edward James Olmos) made us laugh, cry, roll our eyes and shake our heads in disbelief because he reminded us so much of our own Latino dads. Here are five ways your dad is exactly like the dad from Selena:

1. Taught You

1. He taught you everything you know.

Let's be real, we weren't always willing students! But still, our dads patiently taught us everything we know: how to read, how to ride a bike, and how to roll our "r's". They molded us and shaped us into the strong, talented, intelligent Latinas we are today.

At first, little Selena didn't want to learn how to sing Mexican music, but her dad kindly teaches her how wonderful and magical singing in Spanish can be. As we all know, the rest is history... 

2. Believed in You

2. He always believed in you.

He always pushed us to better and be better... but only because he knew we were capable of reaching any goal we set for ourselves. When Selena's mama scolds Abraham for pushing the kids too hard, he answers perfectly: "She is special. She's got it. I know it. She's going to make it!"

3. Latino Rant

3. He rants about Latino problems.

We can always count on our papa to set us straight with a good ol' fashioned talk about how tough it is being a Latino sometimes. "We have to be more Mexican than the Mexicans, and more American than the Americans -- both at the same time!" Abraham tells his kids. "It's exhausting."

Admit it: you can practically hear the words coming out of your own dad's mouth!

4. Questions Your Wardrobe

4. He questions your wardrobe choices.

Our dads would never let us go out wearing anything that showed off too much leg, too much cleavage, or too much stomach. Not while we live under his roof! Abraham's reaction to Selena's bedazzled bustier is perfect -- and exactly what our own fathers would have said if we attempted to leave the house in that outfit. "Bustiquela?!" he yells. "Es un bra!"

5. Your Biggest Fan

5. He's your biggest fan!

Best of all, our papa was always our biggest fan. He taught us everything we know, pushed us to achieve our dreams, and always wanted the best for us. Whether we're four-years-old or 40 -- we'll always be daddy's little girl.