EXCLUSIVE: John Leguizamo Talks 'Walking With Dinosaurs'

John Leguizamo has once again lent his voice to an amazing film about prehistoric times. The 49-year-old actor is starring as Alex in the new film Walking With Dinosaurs.

Walking With Dinosaurs follows the journey of young Patchi (voiced by Justin Long), an underdog dino who triumphs against all odds.

We caught up with Leguizamo to talk about his role in the animated family flick and what's up next for him in 2014. Check it out:

Tell us about your character Alex.

Alex is an Alexsaurus, which is a new discovered dinosaur. It’s sort of a reptilian bird, kind of like the first parrot and they found it in Mexico, hence the slight flavor of Latin-ness in my character.

Were you interested in dinosaurs or prehistoric times growing up, because you also voiced Sid in Ice Age?

Yes, I found my niche in the dinosaur world and animated voices. I mean I’ve done some Family Guy and a voice for American Dad. I love animation. So to me especially, Mel Blank was an idol of mine, who did all the voices for Bugs Bunny in the Warner Bros. cartoons.

Describe the film in three words.

I don’t know if I can do it in three words, but I can do it in a sentence. It’s a great family adventure. That's three words, there you go!

Why do you think fans should go see it?

They’re going to love the new technology -- animated technology -- it’s photo realistic, so you really feel like somebody had a camera back in the day like it's a documentary about dinosaurs. And there’s a lot of facts. All the behavior in the movie is actual, it’s not made up and fictional. So you get that, a lot of hilarity, a lot humor, and a lot of emotion too. It’s a beautiful piece.

Why do you think we are so fascinated by these creatures?

I think because they’re the only real monsters that have ever existed. You know people like mythology and all that other stuff, but it's fictional. These are the only real monsters that ever existed. And also, we feel superior to them, because they’re extinct and we’re not.

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