EXCLUSIVE: John Leguizamo Talks 'Walking With Dinosaurs'

Can you tell me what your favorite scene was?

Oh, there’s a beautiful scene when Patchy is growing up from little kid to adolescent, and I’m standing on top of his shoulder and I'm almost bigger than him. Then all of sudden, I'm way smaller than him and looking through a hole in one of his ripped ears. It’s just a beautiful way of showing that he’s a bigger animal than I am, that he’s grown up.

What’s up next for you?

I just filmed Ghetto Klown for HBO coming out March 28. My best comedy piece ever. And I’ve got a movie called Ride Along, with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube coming out in January, that’s a police action film.

We also heard a rumor that you might play Pablo Escobar. Is this true?

Yup! Working on that, but we haven’t filmed yet.

Is there anything else you wish to share with our readers?

I think they’re going to really enjoy this movie cause there’s a lot of facts and it’s a funny movie. I think they’re going to really dig it. Ever time they show a new dinosaur they put the facts, like how much it weighed; how big it was; how many teeth. You walk away with a lot of information and you’re still having a great time.

Walking With Dinosaurs is in theaters December 20! Watch the trailer for the film below: