Harvey Weinstein: Diego Luna's 'Cesar Chavez' Should Be Required Viewing for All Americans

Michael Pena in Cesar Chavez

Diego Luna's new film, Cesar Chavez, will be in theaters later this week. Directed by Luna, Cesar Chavez is the first major motion picture to be made about the iconic civil rights leader.

And film producer Harvey Weinstein gives a great explanation as to why everyone should go see it!

"This is a movie that demands and deserves your attention," Weinstein writes in his Huffington Post blog.

"Sitting and watching the movie over the past weekend, I was mindblown at the idea that there are probably millions out there who are completely unaware of who Chávez was and what he accomplished."

He continues, "This was a man who led a 300-mile pilgrimage on foot from Delano to Sacramento, California to prove how serious he was about improving the wages and quality of life for farm workers. This was a man who was so adamantly opposed to non-violence in his protests that he endured a 25-day, self-imposed fast until his party agreed to strike peacefully."

"The film does not idolize Chávez, but rather depicts his strengths along with his weaknesses to accurately portray the truth of human frailty."

Weinstein also goes on to note that with immigration reform being at the forefront of politics today, Cesar Chavez should be something adults and kids alike, should go see.

"This movie should be required viewing for all Americans," he writes. "At a time when immigration reform is on every news channel and in every newspaper, this film shows a piece of the sacrifice so many made to come and live in America. While President Obama echoed Chavéz's mantra 'si se puede' in 2008, I worry that our kids don't have the heroes today that I had growing up."

You can check out Harvey Weinstein's entire blog piece on the film here!