WATCH: The Newest Trailer for 'Cesar Chavez' is Here!

Michael Pena in Chavez

Cesar Chavez has been recognized as one of the greatest Latino American civil rights leaders, and now, Diego Luna is bringing his story to the big screen.

Cesar Chavez, directed by Luna, stars Michael Peña, America Ferrera, John Malkovich and Rosario Dawson. Gael Garcia Bernal also has his hands on deck, as one of the producers. The film tells the story of Chavez as he is torn between his duties as a husband and father, and his commitment to securing a living wage for farm workers.

Chavez battled greed and prejudice, in a non-violent manner, as he struggled to bring dignity to those he was fighting for. He inspired millions of Americans from all walks of life to fight for social justice.

Cesar Chavez hits theaters on March 28!

Watch Peña as he takes on the role of Chavez in the trailer below: