EXCLUSIVE: Andy Garcia Dishes on New Film 'At Middleton'

EXCLUSIVE: Andy Garcia Dishes on New Film 'At Middleton'
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Andy Garcia is one of Hollywood's most iconic figures, so you can just imagine the excitement (and honor) we felt when given the opportunity to speak with him about his latest film, At Middleton.

The Cuban American actor stars as George in this heartwarming comedy about two strangers who meet during their children's campus tour and soon find themselves having a deeper connection than they could have ever imagined.

Andy dished to us about what it was like producing the film, how he connected to his character and more!

Check out our entire interview with the Academy Award-nominated actor below:

So tell us about your character George.

Uh, well, did you see the movie?

Of course! Loved it, by the way. But we want it in your words.

Well, you know, [these are] delicate questions always because, you know, I…I don’t want to ever infuse the audience ever with who they think he is. I want them to experience the character, so I try not to explain those things to well or that much. But because...there’s a lot deeper that goes to just the fact that he’s a heart surgeon, and he’s a father. He cares deeply about his son…[he’s] committed to his son and to his family. And, you know, he goes on this adventure with his son taking him to orientation in college. And, because of the circumstances, his son doesn’t want him around for the tour, obviously. He meets this woman, and a part of his life that’s been dormant is re-awakened by this quite extraordinary lady that he meets. Therefore, it complicates both of their lives. But, he’s a conservative man. A man devoted to his word, but perhaps a bit stifled in his potential -- in his emotional potential -- until that day, you know.

Where things change, yes. And he becomes a different person, sort of.

Yeah, well, he reawakens -- it’s in there, it’s inside of him, but [it’s] been dormant.

What was it like playing this character? Would you say that you’re anything like him?

Well, you know, as actors I think we have to draw on our life -- our experiences -- for every character we play. You know, try to find certain parallels and things that might be similar in terms of an emotional experience that you can draw upon. It doesn’t have to be exact, but this what we do. So, I think actors -- you bring your sensibilities and who you are (and your interpretive sensibilities) to every part you play. Every actor can play the same role and you’d have many different performances of the same part, you know? So I guess the character is infused obviously by the script and how it's delineated already in the written material, but also is then infused with my imagination and my own sensibilities.

Great. Love that answer. So, you know, as you said, George meets Edith when he takes Conrad to Middleton. What do you love most about that relationship between George and Edith?

Well, I think when you read in the script…the parents become the students, and they get to know each other in college for the first time. There’s a beautiful line in the movie where he says, “Where’d you guys meet?” And they both say, “college.” Or he says, “The college.” And it’s true, so it’s almost like they’ve become the students. They’re having their first college experience, and they’re meeting their soul mates or possibly the love of their life that day, you know. And that was the beauty of the story. And then, obviously, at the end of that day, you know, they have to come to a decision -- possibly one of the more important decisions of their lives. And that’s the beauty of why I was enamored with this screenplay to begin with this screenplay to begin with and why I wanted to go on this journey with the film and got involved not only as an actor but as a producer -- to help, you know, get it done.

Yeah, it definitely will be very relatable to your fans. So you have children, did you experience anything with your own kids that George and Edith experienced with theirs?

Mm, no. My kids -- when I took them to orientation, you know, in college and stuff like that, they didn’t say, “Leave me alone!” You know, we had that experience together. It was very easy going -- very normal. So no I didn’t have that experience at all. Of course, you have – with any relationship with any child -- there are moments that might be similar in tone not necessarily in college. I think every father or mother has experienced a child saying, “Leave me alone!”

Yes, that’s true.

“Okay, thank you for dropping me off. See you later, bye!”

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