Modern Mami: My Beautiful Baby Shower! (PHOTOS)

Baby showers are awesome! There.  I said it.  I was torn. I felt a little guilty registering for gifts knowing that I was essentially asking my friends and family to buy me things. I was like a kid writing to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

Please buy me a stroller. It’s black and silver. It costs 100 dollars. Also, I know it’s expensive but a breast pump would be great, too. I’ve made buying me gifts easy. I’m registered at Babies"R"Us. I promise to be good for the rest of the year.



But baby showers are a tradition so I let that Catholic guilt go and embraced the love and generosity of my wonderful support system. And I’m glad I did. Baby Bean made out with some serious swag!

Beyond the gifts, however, was the amazing gift of friendship that surrounded me. I was in awe of the women who came out to celebrate my baby boy and me. I was humbled. My sister-in-law and best friend, along with the help of so many others, hosted the shower. It was absolutely beautiful. My guests enjoyed yummy food, cocktails and champagne, the most decadent chocolate cake and vanilla cupcakes, and fresh flowers throughout. I wish I could have invited you all but take a look at some of the pics of my day, along with some of the gifts Baby Bean came home with!

1. mami slide 01

“The most amazing group of women that I'm lucky to call my friends and family!”

2. mami slide 02

“Kellyann cohosted my shower. She has been my best friend for more than 10 years. She had a baby less than a year ago, so our kids will inevitably be best friends, too!”

3. mami slide 03

“I love fresh flowers, and these bouquets were scattered throughout my shower.” 

4. mami slide 04

“These are my beautiful sisters and my niece Ava. I inherited them through Gibby and I'm never giving them back. The shower was at Linda's (left) gorgeous home. She truly outdid herself with the décor!”

5. mami slide 05

“The desserts were amazing and made with love by my friend (and E! producer) Gretchen Putnam. Those are edible flowers! Mmmmmm!”

6. mami slide 06

“Gibby surprised me at my shower. He even put on a tie! Doesn't he look handsome? That’s my mom. She approves!” 

7. mami slide 07

“Yup! That's a baby in my belly!”

8. mami slide 08

“Whoa! Lots of presents for one little man!”

9. mami slide 09

“Baby Bean couldn't let the guests walk away empty handed. They each received a bottle of Mommy Juice (the cutest wine ever!) and Jelly Beans (in honor of Baby Bean).”

10. mami slide 10

“My mom and my sister drove, YES, DROVE, from Washington State to be at my shower. Truly grateful!”