Mexican Rock Band Molotov Drops Anti-Gay Slur

“As an act of solidarity with Esteban Navarro and the LGBT community, we are choosing to refrain from using the word “maricon” in our song lyrics during our upcoming U.S. tour,” the statement read. “This word was used by Esteban’s assailants in this pointless attack, and therefore, has no place in our set.”

LGBT activists have placed pressure on the Latin Grammy Award-winning band to drop “Puto,” one of their most popular songs from their U.S. tour, which kicked off this week.

GLAAD is one of the groups that have protested the song. In a press release, GLAAD's Acting President Dave Montez discussed the elimination of the word.

“Eliminating the word 'maricón' is a good first step, and we hope the band continues to leave such hateful sentiments out of the song when it is performed in the United States, Latin America, or anywhere," Montez said. "The song still contains the harmful slur 'puto' and while the band claims its intent is to use the word as synonymous with 'coward,' it shouldn't be. Every time a young person hears that word as an insult or a slur, it hurts them."

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