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Ever since Diddy challenged us to "Vote or Die," political T-shirts have become a hip way to advertise your viewpoints to the world. And why not? They are more stylish and relevant than ever. A-list designers like Narciso Rodriguez, Alexander Wang and Tracy Reese contributed looks for Barack Obama's campaign (check them out at the Runway for Change section of his official site). And at Milan fashion week, Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti of Frankie Morello took their closing bow wearing blue on blue Obama T-shirts.

Though the admittedly frumpier and staid pro-John McCain/Sarah Palin shirts won't be debuting on the catwalks of Paris anytime soon, there are a few tolerable designs coming from the conservative side of the spectrum. So whether you're true blue or rowdy re--or you just want everyone to get out and vote!--there's a tee out there for you. Just don't wear one of these on Election Day or you might get turned away from the polling station for campaigning!

Click here to see a few of the more stylish options. Now the question is, would you, dear reader, actually wear one?