5 Ways to Get Your Ex Thinking About You Again

So you can't get your ex outta your head and want him to obsess over you again. Who can't relate? Whether your ex bruised your tender heart or you crave sweet revenge, there are ways to bring him back into the fold. Just remember: he is your ex for a reason. Once he's back in your grips, you may want him gone again. Don't say we didn't warn you!

If you're still dead-set on luring him in, here are five ways to get your ex thinking about you again. 

1. Sexy Beach Selfie

Sexy Beach Selfie
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber can't get enough of each other. They break up and make up and flaunt new love (or if you're Justin, just women in general) only to rekindle their young romance. But after epic breakup no. 349, Selena wanted some attention from JB. So she snapped a hot beach selfie and flaunted all her sexy. Take that Biebs!

2. Flaunt Your Other Hombre

Flaunt Your Other Hombre
They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. Well, the best way to get an ex to pine for you is to flaunt your other hombre. Nothing makes a boy miss a girl more than watching another man kiss her and hold her. Blame it on their caveman mentality. I am Tarzan and that's my Jane, yo! He'll be calling you (and trying to claim you) in no time.

3. Fun with the Chicas All Over Instagram

Fun with the Chicas All Over Instagram
Since Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin consciously uncoupled, the Goopster has spent much of her time with her girls. And has posted the moments on Instagram. She is showing the world that she's so great! Her life is amazing even though she is single. Well, you can do the same. Show your ex that you're having the time of your life - without him. When he views images of you traveling, partying and enjoying life with little regard to him, he'll wonder: how did she get over me so quickly? And how can I rejoin the fun?

4. Werk that Body

Werk that Body
And by werk, I don't mean twerk! There are subtle ways to make him ache for you again, particularly in his neither region. When you see him around, arch your back and pop that booty. If you're in close proximity, brush your arm (if you want to go the extra mile, use your boobs) against his. Physical touch can and will drive him loco. He may just call you up that very late night.

5. Play Hot and Cold

Play Hot and Cold
The thing about men is that the more you're a challenge the more they will chase. That's why the hot-and-cold game does wonders. One day you're flirty. The next day he sees you with another guy. The following day is all about your girls. But then you call him late night.  And don't give him any. He won't get enough of you. Question is:  what do you do when he wants you back?