12 Unique Condoms to Add Some Fun to the Bedroom

We know that keeping things HOT in the bedroom is sometimes a struggle. Sure, you can go all out with a 50 Shades of Grey-style romp or try one of these amazing couples sex toys for a night of fun. But sometimes that's just not what you're craving for that special good time. Sometimes all we want is a little ooh-and-ahh with some extra spark. 

What's the best way to get that added pleasure without the intense tying-each-other-up commiment? We've searched high and low just to find that special something for you. These 12 unique and special condoms feature some of our favorites (ribbed and lubricated, thank you very much) and some surprises (can you say 576 sensations?!). Now it's time to try them out for some F-U-N in the bedroom!

1. Trojan Midnight Collection

Trojan Midnight Collection

This deluxe kit combines all of our favorites for a full night of indulgence. It comes with 1 vibrating ring, 4 latex donsomd and 4 lubricant packets. What more could we possibly need?! Now it's that easy to take our man and, ahem, get to the bedroom asap.

Available on Drugstore.com

2. Lifestyles SKYN Intense Feel

Lifestyles SKYN Intense Feel

For one of the most intense feels we could have imagined, this condom really lives up to its name! This is the first and only polyisoprene condom, which has a more natural feel than latex. It features intensely deep studs in a unique wave-like pattern that us ladies are REALLY going to love.

Coming to Lifestyles.com in May 2014.

3. ONE Glowing Pleasures

ONE Glowing Pleasures

Looking to add some fun glow-in-the-dark fun to the bedroom? All it takes is 30 seconds under light for up to half an hour of glowing fun! Plus, they're the only FDA-approved glow-in-the-dark condom made using non-toxic phosphorous pigment. Talk about wow!

Available on OneCondoms.com

4. Trojan Magnum Ribbed

Trojan Magnum Ribbed

This is no ordinary ribbed condom. It's got spiral ribbing towards the tip--to increase your man's pleasure on his most sensitive area--and spiral ribbing toward the open end--which is a big bonus for our most sensitive area. The increased stimulation for both is sure to get our (mutual) rocks off!

Available on Drugstore.com

5. Durex Play Ring of Bliss

Durex Play Ring of Bliss

Combining some of their top hitters, Durex really hits it out of the orgasmic ballpark with this one. The couples vibrator is designed for on-the-spot stimulation for 20 minutes of, well, blissful fun. As they say, it hits the spot for you and gives exceptional pleasure for him. Yowza!

Available on DurexUSA.com

6. LifeStyles EverLast

LifeStyles EverLast

What's better than 420 studs that are designed to stimulate our most sensitive areas while also helping him last longer? We don't know! But we're loving that this condom also features a special UltraGlide lubricant that he's sure to enjoy, too. 

Available this March on Lifestyles.com

7. ONE Deluxe Temptation Curiosity Kit

ONE Deluxe Temptation Curiosity Kit

There's a whole lot of fun to be having with this kit! If you want a whole night of experimenting, open up your curiosity with this set that contains a sampling of their best selling condoms, a water-based lubricant, a mini silver vibe and arousal balls--all in a handy travel tin! 

Available on OneCondoms.com.

8. Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstacy

Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy

This new revolutionary design is guaranteed to get you into, well, a state of ecstasy. It's made with premium quality latex, is tapered at the base for a secure fit, and has deep ribs at the base and end to increase stimulation. The best part? Lubricant inside and out for a more natural feel!

Available on TrojanCondoms.com.

9. Durex Tropical Flavors

Durex Tropical Flavors

Maybe our mami didn't teach us any better, but we can't help but love this tropical flavors condom. It piqued our interest right away--and we love that it adds a little bit of variety to the bedroom for when we're, ahem, getting busy with our man's--well, you know.

Available on DurexUSA.com.

10. LifeStyles Turbo

LifeStyles Turbo

We're not sure what we love most about this condom: the fact that it's premium quality latex or the fact that the unique ExciteGel lubricant warms up to stimulate both us and our partner. Featuring lubricant both inside and out, we're pretty sure this is the ultimate experience. 

Available on Lifestyles.com.

11. Durex Performax Intense

Durex Performax Intense

Okay, we admit it: sometimes our man is a little too quick for us to get our rocks off. That's why we fell in love with this condom, which is specially designed to speed us up and slow him down. Is a simultaneous orgasm out of the question? We hope not!

Available on DurexUSA.com.

12. ONE 576 Sensations

ONE 576 Sensations

How many ways can you feel your man? According to this variety, 576! The condom features almost 600-indivitual "pleasure intensifiers" that work together to excite you and your partner like no other. If you're not sure how this is even possible, why not give them a try?

Available on OneCondoms.com.