6 Reasons to Date a Short Guy

I once dated a guy that was a whopping 5 foot 3. I towered over him in three-inch heels, and I'm only 5" 2'. But I adored my short stuff. And I've continued to date men on the small side. Why not? Napoleon-statured men need love too. Call me an equal opportunity lover; I believe that shrimps can be just as satisfying as jumbo lobsters.

Still not convinced? Let me break it down to you inch by inch. In this case, about six. Here are six reasons to date a short guy.

1. You'll spend less time in heels (and your feet will thank you).

You'll spend less time in heels (and your feet will thank you).

Do you know what short men love? Women in flats! They breathe a sigh of relief when they don't have to wear shoes with lifts because you are literally on their level. Well, only if you're a woman of average height. Regardless, give your feet a rest. Work those ballerina slippers all day and all night. Not only will you avoid corns and blisters (oh my!), but also your small fry will be very grateful.

2. They try a little harder.

They try a little harder.

Whenever a man doesn't measure up, he tries harder to impress and woo a woman. It's the Napoleon Complex come to life (I am man, hear me roar!), minus the yelling, betrayal and war. You will be his Queen. He will look to you (and potentially look up at you) and think, ‘I am a capable man and will do anything to keep, protect and cherish this amazing Amazon.’

3. You can steal his clothes.

You can steal his clothes.

I rarely buy t-shirts and sweats. I'm a girly girl and rather spend my money on dresses and makeup. There are times, however, when I want to be in comfy clothing when snuggling up to my man. So I raid his closet as it is filled with petite clothing. A collection of Hanes His Way tees are piling up in my closet as I type.

4. It opens up your dating pool.

It opens up your dating pool.

Most men, specifically Latinos, are under 5 foot 6. If you're limiting your man search (online and off) to men of a certain height, you may be missing out on "the one." That shorty that sent you a beverage from across the bar may be the smoothest drink of water you've ever had. Not the tallest, but yes, maybe the best!

5. He will be a long-term companion.

He will be a long-term companion.

Cause short guys live longer! A recent scientific study found that on average shorter men live for two years longer than tall men. Apparently, the vertically challenged aren't challenged when it comes to having awesome DNA. They have "lower DNA damage, greater cell replacement potential, higher heart pumping efficiency" and more. Take that, tall guys!

6. Shorties are better suited for certain sexual positions.

Shorties are better suited for certain sexual positions.

No, seriously! Having sex standing up with a short guy is much easier. He doesn't have to pick you up and keep you there the entire time. He doesn't have to bend his knees. All you have to do is spread 'em and enjoy. Let's just hope this small package brings very good (and bigger) things.

Sujeiry Gonzalez, coined the “Latina Carrie Bradshaw,” is a relationship writer and author of Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles. The 2013 Love Guru on Exitos 93.9FM provides relationship advice daily on LoveSujeiry.com.