10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Penis

Okay, ladies, let's admit it: while we may certainly enjoy the p-e-n-i-s, we may not actually know all that much about it. Having a good time with our man between the sheets doesn't really mean that we spent all that time studying up on what works for him or, really, how it all works. 

While, sure, you may know all about vibrators these days and you're comfortable with vagina nicknames and vagina facials, but the male organ is a whole different species. Literally. So here we've compiled the 10 things you need to know about the penis. Trust us, you will want to read this!

1. There are "Growers" or "Show-ers"

There are, in fact, two different types of penises: growers, meaning that the difference in size from a flaccid to an erect penis is quite significant, and show-ers, guys whose penis does not dramatically increase in size when they get hard. A Men's Health survey reported that 79% of men are growers while 21% are show-ers. 

2. Better-Looking Men Have Stronger Sperm

Yes, it's true! A study conducted in Spain had researchers show women photos of guys who had good, average and lousy sperm and then asked them to pick who are the handsomest men. The women picked the best sperm producers as the hottest guys most often, according to Men's Health

3. Smoking Can Make It Smaller

Does your man have the bad habit of lighting up? Here's some shocking news: Men's Health reports that smoking can shorten his penis by as much as a centimeter, because smoking cigarettes calcifies blood vessels and erections need good flow to do their thing. Time to spare the little guy!

4. The Foreskin Has a Purpose

Contrary to popular (American) belief, the foreskin actually has a purpose! The circumcision video from College Humor pointed out that the foreskin acts as a natural lubricant, it has a million nerve endings (sort of like the clitoris) and also protects the glans (head) from being desensitized. 

5. Average Male Orgasm is 6 Seconds

Whenever you're doing the dirty with your man, do you ever notice that his OOOOH moments lasts a bit less than yours? That's because the average male orgasm is actually just 6 seconds whereas us ladies are blessed with a whopping 23 seconds of peak pleasure time. At least sometimes we're ahead, right?

6. Ejaculation Comes from the Spinal Cord

Wondering what he's thinking as he shoots his load? It turns out that ejaculation has very little to do with his brain and everything to do with his spinal cord, which is where the order to cum comes from. So if he seems to be somewhere else "in the moment", then he probably is.

7. America is One of Only Cultures Practicing Non-Religious Circumcision

Yes, it's true! While you may not realize it, depending how close you were to your abuelitos, most cultures around the world do not practice circumcision. In fact, it only became popular in America in the 1800s when Puritanical doctors thought it was a good way to stop boys from masturbation. Clearly that hasn't helped!

8. Under The Glans is the Most Sensitive Part

Do you know what the most sensitive part of your man's junk is? According to WebMD, most men consider the underside of the glans (head) of the penis and the underside shalf as the most sensitive part for sexual pleasure. So, ladies, now you know where to tease him in order to really drive him wild.

9. Kellogg's Was Invented to Stop Masturbation

Love Kellogg's Corn Flakes? Great! But did you know that the cereal was originally invented by American doctor John Harvey Kellogg, who thought that adding these to one's diet would help boys stop pulling on their junk? That's right, the beloved cereal started as an anti-masturbation aid. How weird!

10. Vibrators Work on Penises, Too

Vibrators are especially helpful for men who have ejaculation problems, according to WebMD, but your man doesn't have to have a medical condition to use one. Try different kinds in the bedroom--both on yourself and on him--and you could be off to a pretty buzzing good time, pronto!