10 Things You Never Knew About Masturbation That Will Shock You!

No, you do not need a man—at least not to find pleasure in the bedroom. Masturbation is that taboo “m” word that nobody wants to talk about, but maybe they should start! Female masturbation is nothing new and can actually benefit you in ways you wouldn’t believe. Because May is Masturbation Month (yes, you read that right), we’ve rounded up ten facts about solo satisfaction that we’re sure will shock you! 

1. It’s been around forever

It’s been around forever

Human beings have been masturbating since the beginning of time. No, really, it’s true! In fact, you can trace this pleasurable act all the way back to prehistoric times where it’s been discovered depicted on rock paintings across the globe. Even the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had a relaxed attitude toward sexuality. To them, masturbation was just part of leading a healthy life. It wasn’t until the early 16th and 17th centuries when people began to see masturbation as sinful and those who practiced it as mentally ill.   

2. It’s more common than you think

It’s more common than you think

You may hear more guys talk about their good friend the hand, but that certainly doesn’t mean we ladies don’t masturbate too. Surveys prove that by the time girls turn 18, 59 percent have given masturbation a try. That’s over half of us!

3. It’s popular at every age

It’s popular at every age

It’s not just girls giving themselves some solo action. Like a fine wine, our sex drives only get better with age. According to a 2010 Kinsey study, half of single women over the age of 70 still masturbate.

4. It lasts a long time

It lasts a long time

Guys, anything you can do we can do better—even when it comes to getting ourselves off. According to the book Scared Sh*tless: 1,003 Facts That Will Scare the Sh*t Out of You by Cary McNeal, the average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds. That’s almost four times as long as our male friends whose orgasms average a measly six seconds.

5. It stimulates creativity

It stimulates creativity

Women can get pretty creative in the bedroom, even when we’re by ourselves. Any guess as to what phallic object ladies use most (after fingers and vibrators) to masturbate? According to Scared Shitless, the answer is candles. Talk about lighting your own fire!

6. It motivates us to exercise

It motivates us to exercise

Summer is fast approaching, and if you’re looking for another excuse to get to the gym we may have just what you’re looking for. Yes, skeptics, “coregasms” do exist.  A Men’s Health article claims that some women are able to achieve an orgasm with the help of a few ab exercises. Combine a little leg and abdomen tension with the dopamine and endorphins you get from breaking a sweat and you could begin getting all hot and bothered for a different reason. Who knew exercise could be a form of masturbation?!

7. It could be the key to inner peace

It could be the key to inner peace

Roll out that yoga mat! Practicing yoga can be practice for the bedroom—at least that’s what some people believe. Sexologist Jeffre TallTrees told The Daily Beast that engaging pubococcygeus muscles causes the tissue around the g-spot to swell, and this can lead to climax—known in this case as “yogasms.”

8. It kills cramps

It kills cramps

Monthly cramps getting you down? We have your next cure for period pain: masturbation! PhD, sex educator and best-selling author Betty Dodson suggests that the chemicals and muscles involved in climaxing can act as a pain reliever. That’s one method we can get on board with!

9. It fights off future illnesses

It fights off future illnesses

The masturbation benefits just keep getting better! Add it to your daily diet and exercise routine—doctor’s orders. McNeal’s book Scared Shitless claims that orgasms can work to lower a woman’s risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and depression. 

10. It’s only natural

It’s only natural

That’s what our animal friends have us believing, anyway. Humans aren’t the only species that finds pleasure in solo exploration. According to one article, deer, monkeys, squirrels, walruses and other animals have been known to practice their own forms of masturbation!