Forget a Popsicle: New App Teaches You Oral Sex Skills

Practice Your Oral Sex Technique With The Help Of Your iPhone!

Remember the days when girlfriends would practice their...ahem...skills on a banana, a cucumber, or a popsicle? 

Well, a San Francisco-based tech company is redefining the words sex-ed with a new application that encourages users to train those tongue muscles and refine their oral technique. (We can't make this stuff up!)

Club Sexy Time launched a website that asks users to practice their cunnilungus skills by licking their iPhone. Yes, they want you to lick your smartphone -- a device proven to be brimming with more germs than a toilet seat. 

Lick This ( is only available through mobile internet browsers, and can't be found in the application store - presumably because of its blatantly sexual content. Anyway, type in the URL in your browser, then get started.

Here's the gist: First, wrap your phone up in some Saran Wrap...because, gross. Once you've fashioned your iPhone condom, start licking! The site currently offers three different options for practice: 

  • Up 'n Down: This one's pretty simple. Your phone will display an animated light switch. Move your tongue up and down as quickly as possible to turn the light on and off. Yes, it gives the phrase "turn me on" literally meaning. 
  • Circles: Next up, circles! An animated pencil sharpner appears on screen, and the game asks you to spin it around as many times as possible to "sharpen" the pencil. 
  • Freestyle: Now's the time to get creative and show-off what you got! Freestyle asks you to jab at a beach ball as it bounces around the screen randomly.  

We can't say that we actually licked our iPhones, but we did scope out the app and give the games a whirl (with our fingers!). It's strangely addictive, and hey, some people may even find it helpful. 

What are your thoughts? Completely disgusting.... or oddly helpful?