Craving Hot Sex? Multiple Orgasms Are S-O-O-O Possible!

Craving Hot Sex? Multiple Orgasms Are S-O-O-O Possible!

If your reaction to the title of this article is, "Multiple orgasms? I'm just trying to have an orgasm period," you're not alone. After all, when you're having orgasms few and far between, it's hard to even imagine having multiple orgasms.

Sure, we've all had that super annoying orgasmic friend. You chew on ice (an obvious sign of sexual frustration) and force a smile while she goes on and on at brunch about her boyfriend's perfect penis and her endless orgasms. You think to yourself, "I'm having sex with the wrong people," "It's impossible for me to orgasm like her," or "Psh, this girl is crazy."

The truth is, almost every woman has the potential to have multiple orgasms with or without a partner. It's one of multiple reasons it's great to be a woman. Even though the female orgasm is more difficult to achieve than the male orgasm, once you find your orgasmic groove, you won't be able to stop!

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