Stay Classy, Ladies: 5 Ways To Gracefully Survive A Breakup


Going through a breakup sn't fun. People don't joyfully plan them for Friday nights (8PM Dinner, 9PM Break Up, 10 PM Bowling). But, breakups are one of life's unpleasant necessities. They are part of dating — sometimes a big part.

Odds are, you've been broken up with and you've also been the one who did the breaking up. Perhaps you've experienced this one or two times, or maybe more times than you can count. But, whether you are a novice or have been involved in so many breakups that "The Breaker" could be your nickname, there are certain ways to not handle a breakup.

So, the next time you have your heart stomped on, resist the urge to do any of the following, no matter how hard it is:

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