10 Ways to Get Out of a Sex Rut

This week, we read a scary statistic! According to a new survey from AshleyMadison.com, 22 percent of American women are in sexless marriages. Instead of focusing on the negative, though, we decided to explore what's got us in these not-so-fun relationships and, best of all, how you can get out of the sex rut!

1. The Rut: Always at the Same Time

The Solution: Go For It in the Morning

Got the same routine: turn off the TV, brush your teeth, wash your faces and then get down to business. The same old, same old, every night. Instead of the just-before-bed rut, though, why not try it in the morning? Wake up and don't worry about brushing your teeth, simply reach down there and--ahem--begin stroking with him. Trust us, he'll get what you're craving first thing in the A.M.

2. The Rut: We Just Never Do It Anymore

The Solution: Hire a Babysitter

The most common rut in a marriage? Of course, not having any time to acually spend some quality time in the bedroom. Either you're too tired after work, or he's catching up on something, or you're putting the kids to bed. What to do? Plan a sexy night on the town: hire a baby sitter, go out to dinner and get a hotel room. Spice things up by not being at home for once.

3. The Rut: It's On Autopilot Routine

The Solution: Try a New Position
Missionary. Yes, who doesn't love missionary? It feels good and it's easy for everyone. But then, after a while, you notice that this is all you're doing. You spend 3 minutes on foreplay, 2 minutes on oral for each, 5 minutes on intercourse, and then you're done. How do you get out of the same autopilot? Head to a naughty website and look up some new sex positions, then try them tonight!

4. The Rut: The Passion is Completely Gone

The Solution: Focus on Foreplay
You're still having plenty of sex, but more and more it's about going through the motions. There may be some variety, sure, but generally the heat is pretty much gone. How do you get it back? Spend a couple days denying your man--and yourself--that release. Instead, do everything BUT the deed--kissing, touching, heavy petting, every sme oral. The key? No orgasms! Try this for three days and, by the end, you'll be bursting to be together.

5. The Rut: He Never Initiates Anymore

The Solution: Get On Top
You wait, and wait, and wait, and you're still waiting for your man to make a move. He's tired or sleepy or, really, you're just not sure anymore. Well, here's the thing: you don't have to keep waiting for him to start something! Next time he comes home, kiss him in that way that you know he'll get the hint, then pull him into the bedroom and tell him that, tonight, you're doing all the work. And don't worry, he'll get the hint to repay the favor. 

6. The Rut: The Kids are Always in Bed with Us

The Solution: Lock The Doors
You love your little ones, and you love having them fall asleep in your bed... but you have to admit: it doesn't make it easy to get it on with your man when your bed is filled with cute kids instead of hot s-e-x. We know it's hard, but you have to designate at least one night a week to kicking the little kiddies out. Trust us, for your sanity and your love's, lock the doors tonight--and enjoy each other in bed instead!

7. The Rut: We're Only In the Bedroom

The Solution: Shower Together
Besides not actually having sex at the moment, the #1 rut may be just keeping it in bed in the bedroom. Sure, you remember that at one point you were going crazy all over the apartment. The kitchen, the bathroom, the couch... but now? Not so much. Shake up your routine by playfully dragging your man into the shower with you. Sure, shower sex isn't always the most comfortable--but shaking up the bedroom routine will go a long way!

8. The Rut: The Sex is Over Quickly

The Solution: Switch It Up
Everything is a routine and, if you were honest, the sex is taking no time at all these days. He knows what to do to get you--and himself--there in no time. But you're craving a little bit longer body heat, so what's a girl to do? Suggest that you switch it up and try some new positions. Always get off with girl on top? Get close and then switch it up to doggy style. Always finish that way? Then switch to cowgirl. Do this a few times--and you'll make it last longer.

9. The Rut: We Fall Asleep Watching TV

The Solution: Move It Out
You know the scene: you're both feeling plenty horny but you decide to catch up on the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine first. By the time you're done, something else comes on, and you just go on and on and then--oops--you fell asleep! How do you solve this issue? By taking the phone out of the bedroom STAT! Make your bedroom about "us" time and relaxing and having fun together, not just watching the telly and passing out.

10. The Rut: We Barely Undress Anymore

The Solution: Buy Sexy Lingerie
If you were honest with yourself, you'd have to say that you can't remember the last time either of you removed your shirts to have sex. It's been pretty much wham, bam, thank you m'am, and then back into your PJs you go. So how do you get down to the full-on naked, sexy-bodies-touching-the-whole-time thing? Buy some lingerie that you know is going to drive him wild, then let him slowly peel it off of you that night.