The 15 Craziest Sex Injuries, Ever!

Sometimes love hurts. And sometimes, even worse, making love can hurt—a lot. That’s the premise behind TLC’s Sex Sent Me To the ER. Shocked and inspired by some of the crazy stories on the show, we decided to look into sex injuries, too. And what we’ve found will leave you gasping. These are the 15 craziest sex injuries, EVER!

1. Pop Rocks in Vagina

A woman, thinking that it would create a desirable sensation, actually put candy rocks in her vagina in order to reach orgasm. Ouch!

2. Passionate Kiss Hurts Ear

A young woman in China was left partially deaf in one ear after her boyfriend's very passionate kiss pulled her eardrum out.

3. Old Woman with Hammer

A 77-year-old woman went to the hospital after she got the claw end of a hammer stuck up her vagina. 

4. Blood Clot Hickey

A New Zealand woman's left arm was left partially paralyzed after her husband's hickey caused a blood clot in her neck, leading to a minor stroke.

5. Broken Penis After Pills

A man sued VirilisPro after he claimed that popping the pills led him to fracture his penis and a large quantity of blood squirting onto the sheets, walls and mirror.

6. Pulled Out Faucet

While having sex in the shower, a woman accidentally pulled the faucet out of the wall and it fell to injure her leg. 

7. Dislocated Jaw & Window Pain

In a bizarre twist of fate, a teen girl dislocated her jaw while giving her boyfriend a blowjob--and he, scarred, jumped out her window and hurt himself.

8. Nipple Clamps Death

In a tragic accident, a woman died of electrocution after her husband put on electric nipple clamps and was shocking her with an on/off power strip. 

9. Broken Tongue

A woman born with a tied tongue (meaning that the strip of skin connecting her tongue to the bottom of her mouth is shorter than most people's) injured herself when her boyfriend kissed her roughly and snapped her tongue tie, filling her mouth with blood.

10. Stuck Together

A couple in Russia experimenting with a new position from the Kama Sutra were rushed to the hospital after they became stuck together

11. Gun as Sex Toy

In a case of obvious things that are a bad idea, a man accidentally shot his girlfriend while pleasuring her with his gun

12. Nitroglycerine as Lube

A young couple couldn't wait to get out of grandma's house to have sex, and accidentally used grams' nitroglycerin tube (mistaking it for lubricent)--then passing out due to the extreme drop in blood pressure.

13. Baby Falls Off Table

A couple wound up injuring their baby when they had sex by the kitchen table, which caused the baby bouncer to fall off and hurt their 2-month-old. 

14. Elbowed in Eye

A young woman having sex with her new boyfriend ended up getting elbowed in the eye, later waking up with blurry vision and a huge bruise. 

15. Stuck Penis Ring

A man who made his own eight-inch steel cockring ended up getting it stuck on his penis, causing him to rush to the hospital for medical attention.