Don't be Vanilla: 10 Amazing Couples Sex Toys to Use When You're Not Tying Each Other Up

Sex toys are all the rage among single chicas, but who said couples can't get in on the battery-operated fun? With an increase in purchases of 82 percent, a recent report showed that the newest trend taking up your nightstand drawers is couple-centric toys. From stimulating his sensitive spots to finding your G-spot, you can now experiment with your partner and orgasm simultaneously.

So, don't be vanilla! Add some excitement to your boudoir (or your kitchen if you want to cook up something extra kinky!). Check out this handy couples' sex toy guide and grab your hombre when you're done.


We-Vibe 4
An upgrade of the original We-Vibe, this couples' vibrator will have you and your man moaning all night long. Offering more intensity with six vibration modes and ten levels, this We-Vibe is new and improved. The waterproof and rechargeable We-Vibe 4 stimulates the clit and G-spot during penetration. Did I mention it's a hand-free couples' vibrator? Talk about advancements in technology! This version is also smaller in size, making it as snug as a rug in your rug.


Sqweel 2
If you want to holler during sex, this couples' oral sex toy is just the thing. The new version of the popular pleasure toy features a setting that moves the 10 velvety-soft silicon flicker back and forth, stimulating your clit and nipples, or his penis and anus. If you want to get even more adventurous, try the reverse rotation mode. With this waterproof toy, you'll never suffer from lockjaw again.


Tor II
A cock ring never looked so fancy! The Tor II vibrating cock ring from LELO is the perfect play thing to put on your man's thang. The only rechargeable cock ring available, Tor II has six vibration settings that are controlled by a button on each side of the ring. All you have to do is slide it to the base of his penis, or a dildo if you want to be extra naughty. Turn it on and feel the vibrations between you and your partner all night long.


Oden 2
We're going wireless, baby! The upgraded version of the original wireless couples' ring delivers up to 39 feet of the original model, allowing you to sex it up from every nook and cranny in your home. And it's simple to use. Just slide the ring onto a penis or dildo and use the vibrating egg on the clit or balls. Grab the remote and tilt the wrist to change from six vibration speeds.


RodeoH Strap-On
Strap it on to have some fun. The hands-free dildo is a hot and sexy harness for strap-on action. The comfortable hipster briefs are comfy and hold the dildo, which is made of silicone. This dildo is firm and flexible and, most importantly, it feels like the real thing.


Fifty Shades of Grey Book and Indulge Your Fantasies Kit
Put on your reading glasses and live out your 50 Shades of Grey fantasy with your mate. Inspired by the novel, this kinky bondage kit includes a copy of the book, Etherea Cuffs, Kandi Kisses vibrator, Luna Beads kegel balls, and a Spank Me Powder. Add a little roleplay to this indulgence and your night will be something to write about.


Jimmy Jane Hello Touch
Say hello to my little friend - fingers! The Jimmy Jane Hello Touch turns your natural touch into a stimulating sensation. Delivering three times the power than other fingertip vibrators, the light device is made up of finger pads. Put these on and touch your partner’s scrotum, or let him caress your body and stimulate you with just one touch.


The Ida
Let your sex life bloom with The Ida, a couples' sex toy that is as pretty as it is satisfying. It is designed to massage the G-spot while accommodating space for a penis or dildo. What's extra special about this LILO toy is that it rotates while inside you. Now that may just hit the spot.


HULA Beads
Beads aren't just for wear. This couples' sex toy is the world’s first ever remote-controlled pleasure beads. All you do is insert the rotating bead and let the vibrations excite your labia and clitoris. With eight stimulation patterns, how can it not? The top bead also rotates against the G-spot, giving a whole new meaning to the sexy hula.


Jimmy Jane Form 3
The Form 3 is the newest rechargeable vibrator in the Jimmy Jane Form line. With the appearance of a large tongue, the base holds the battery and produces the vibration while sitting on your palm. Fingers lie across the lip of the vibrator, above a smooth "silicone Touchpad." Have your partner press his finger against it and feel good exactly where you want.