Lots of New York City Edge at Tracy Reese

Always the hit maker, Tracy Reese, knocked it out of the tents again this season. With so many people anxiously waiting for the show to start, seats were dwindling and mine was taken. As I was almost struck down by sadness, the PR team moved this Latina to the front row seconds before the show started.

The next few minutes were so intense that I found myself picking up my jaw look after look. While a lot of other designers went the moody route, Tracy Reese sent bold, raw sophistication down the runway.

Her always pretty looks were given the cool effect by adding animal prints and some not-so-natural shades complimented even bolder pops of color, like a neon pink moto jacket that just oozed with amazingness. Every buyer at the show was practically placing their orders on the spot or at least they should have been. It was a real New York City vibe that would surely make you feel, pardon the phrase, like a boss