LISTEN: Selena Gomez's New Single “Slow Down” For New ‘Stars Dance’ Album


Selena Gomez dropped a bunch of treats for her fans this week. With a simple hash-tag (#starsdance) and date (July 23rd), the 20-year-old pop star revealed the cover art for her new album Stars Dance.

In the black-and-white cover art, the gorgeous starlet is featured in an elaborate beaded outfit, complete with a mysterious facial expression and expensive-looking headpiece on the star’s head. Gomez’s lips appear plump and glossy, and her eyes have a sensual, smoky look to them.

Every move Gomez makes on social media causes frenzy, so it’s to be expected that after she posted the album’s cover art, more than 14,000 re-tweets (to date) followed.

In addition to the cover art, Gomez also shared the complete track list of the new album through multiple hash-tagged tweets. Besides the beaten-to-death and incredibly infectious “Come & Get It,other song titles include “Birthday Stars,” “Dance Champion,and “Slow Down.

The audio for “Slow Down” was also dropped – listen to it below and tell us what you think. The lyrics are definitely more grown up, but that's to be expected - Gomez is way over her Disney days (in case you have not noticed yet). In case you were wondering, Gomez’s new album is available for presale order. Yay!

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