Lisa Vidal

When Lisa Vidal was just 12-years-old, she experienced a bizarre ghostly experience that sealed her belief in paranormal activity forever. She lived in a small apartment with younger sister and her mother — who had an excellent friend, an unmarried woman named Maria, who also befriended Vidal's aunt. "Maria was just a light," Vidal explained on an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories. 

Vidal's aunt had a jealous boyfriend who attacked the women in a violent encounter that ended with Maria falling off the balcony — 16-floors to her death. In the days following Maria's tragic passing, the family began to experience a series of unexplained occurrences — leading them to believe that Maria's ghost had returned to look after them. 

While the apparitions initially frightened Vidal, she began to view them as a comforting presence. Later, Maria came to say goodbye to the family in the form of a white dove. It snuck through an open window in the apartment and flew around their living room. After it flew away, they never saw Maria's ghost again.

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Lisa Vidal
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Lisa Vidal
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