What Does It Mean to be an LGBT Latino in 2013?

On any given week this year—minus a public scandal or two—immigration reform and same-sex marriage will take turns as the hottest political topic in America. While many Americans sit back and watch these two movements take their course, there’s one group that will fight both battles tirelessly: the LGBT Latino community.

With an abundance of challenges that come with being an LGBT Latino, some wonder how this community will prioritize their battle. In other words, which is more pressing: gay rights or immigration rights?

The answer is more complicated than simply picking one or the other, as they tend to impact each other. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says this year, both matters are equally considered top priority in their organization.

“Hispanics have experienced discrimination because of their immigration status or because of the way they talk or look, and that’s something that relates them to the LGBT community who’s also suffered discrimination for similar reasons,” said Carolina González, a spokesperson for the ACLU of Florida. “It has been a good opportunity for these communities to work together to fight for equality.”