You Want WHAT? The Creepiest New Plastic Surgeries

It's no longer just about face lifts and breast augmentations -- the world of plastic surgery has surpassed just about everyone's imagination with some really strange new procedures. From tongue splitting to the Cinderella surgery, these are the creepiest new plastic surgeries:

1. Thigh Gap

A clinic in Dallas, Texas, called Thrive, administers a procedure known as "thigh gap therapy," in which they use cold lasers to give you space between your legs. This cold laser therapy, called Zerona, claims to contour your shape and shrink fat cells. "Everybody has one part of your body that it's really hard to get fat off of," Thrive owner Clint Herzog told CBS. "And that's where Zerona comes in. The laser goes in and it basically emulsifies that outside layer of the fat, and allows it to exit out of your lymphatic system."

2. Eyelash Transplants

Hair transplants aren't just for your head anymore! With eyelash transplants, surgeons transfer hair follicles to the eyelids so the hair keeps growing and growing. Many people find that as they age, their eyelashes start thinning and falling out, so they turn to this procedure.

3. Eyebrow Transplants

With eyebrow transplants, patients design their ideal eyebrows with a stencil, just like the kind sold at Sephora. Surgeons use the patient-created stencil to achieve what the patients want through one of two procedures: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and NeoGrafting. With FUT, plastic surgeons remove a four-inch-wide slice of scalp from the back of your head and then dissect all the hairs to graft in wherever you'd like. This procedure tends to leave a scar. NeoGrafting involves using a machine to suck out the hairs from your scalp without leaving a scar, but is known to have a lower success rate.

4. Eye Implants

BrightOcular developed artificial iris implants made of silicone that can be folded and inserted into the eye to cover up any iris-related abnormalities And never mind the use of contacts, these eye implants can also be used to change the color of your eyes, if you so wish.

5. Hand Lifts

Word on the street is the latest trend among brides-to-be is hand lifts! Doctors inject Juvéderm into the hands to smooth out wrinkles and plump the skin with instant results. The procedure takes 10 minutes, costs around $1,200, and lasts roughly nine months.

6. Cinderella Surgery

This foot altering procedure doesn't sound like much a fairy tale to us. Women often opt for what's known as the Cinderella surgery in order to fit into shoes they desire. The procedure involves snipping off pieces of the patient's feet until the shoes fit like magic. You can get your toes shortened or lengthened, your bunions removed, and even get fat injected into the bottoms of your feet so you have a permanent Dr. Scholls made of flesh, according to The New York Times.

7. Internal Bra

Want perky breasts but hate wearing a bra? Plastic surgeons have solved this problem with a procedure known as internal bra. According to Shape magazine, British doctors have successfully implanted three patients with internal bras. Doctors use hardened silicone cups and place them under the breast tissue that are then lifted with silk straps and screwed into your rib cage.

8. Butt Lifts

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery announced that butt lifts were up by 44 percent last year, a significant rise for the already popular procedure. “It’s just amazing, the numbers,” said Dr. Douglas Taranow, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City’s Upper East Side. “It’s with J. Lo, and Beyonce, and everyone else having a great derriere. … I think people see that and they want to mirror image it.”

The butt lift is often referred to as the "Brazilian butt lift" by many plastic surgery locations. It can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000. "Curvy in the right places is the new sexy,” one butt lift patient told the New York Post earlier this year. For this procedure, whose medical terminology is “buttock augmentation with fat grafting,” surgeons liposuction fat from somewhere the patient’s got plenty of it — usually the tummy, thighs or hips — and inject it into the booty.

9. Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Yes, ladies, there is such a thing as vaginal plastic surgery. Vaginal procedures include removing excess labial skin, tightening the vaginal canal, and even enlarging the "G spot" to enhance sexual experience.

10. Tongue Splitting

Just looking at the image for this creepy trend gave us the goosebumps!  Tongue bifurcation is when the tongue is split down the middle, creating a snake-like forking of the muscle, hence why it goes by the name "tongue splitting."

11. Dimple Creation

Wish you had been born with dimples? There's an app a procedure for that. Dimple creation involves a tiny incision on the inside of the mouth and placement of a small suture between the buccinator muscle and the skin of the cheek, creating the illusion of a dimple when the person smiles.

12. Voice Lift

Through a voice lift, the neck is sliced open and the vocal chords messed with via implants and injections to produce a voice that isn't "wavering or weak."

13. Palm Line Alterations

Palm line alterations have become extremely popular in places such as Japan. Through this cosmetic procedure, people acquire new lines in their palms in order to alter their futures.