WATCH: Military Men Get to Head Home for Father's Day!

How long have you and your wife been married? 

I was in boot camp when Jennifer and I got married in 2008, but we have been together since high school. We’ve been together 15 years.

Was choosing a military life hard knowing that you would spend time away from your family? 

I moved away from Corpus Christi 5.5 years ago for boot camp. It wasn’t really hard, it was a decision that I had to make to support my family – I knew I was doing it for the right reasons and at that moment I had kids so I did it for my wife and my kids. We left Corpus Christi, but it was for a better life for my family.

What has been your proudest moment as a father? 

Really all the moments I’ve had watching my kids grow up have made me proud. From observing the funny things they do and say to going out with them to SeaWorld or the park – watching them grow is just amazing. Also to be able to give my kids all that they need and knowing that I can be there for them, whether on the phone or in person, makes me a proud father.

How has this Dove Men+Care “Mission: Care”  opportunity impacted your life?

It impacted my life, and my family’s lives – my mom, my dad, my brothers, my cousins. It was an awesome opportunity. I was able to see my cousin graduate and another cousin get married. It was great – I didn’t have to worry about covering the costs of travel to see them. That’s god looking down on me! I actually didn’t tell my parents I was coming, I surprised them. It was hard to keep the surprise but I am so glad it happened because they were so happy to see me. My mom and dad were crying because they were so happy – it was amazing.