9 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Best Girl Friends

A lot of Latin countries celebrate February 14 as dia del amor y la amistad, a day to say thanks to your best girl friends. Your girls have your back no matter your relationship status, so let them know how much you love them for it. These regalitos for every girl in your group definitely show how much you care.

1. For Your Drinking Buddy

For Your Drinking Buddy:

Even the hardest drinks can soften up in a fun, colorful glass. The girl that makes the best cocktails will love sharing her new favorite cocktail with you.

Click to Buy: Marta Double-Old Fashioned Glasses, $2.95 each


2. For the Domestic Diva

For the Domestic Diva

She’ll love these fun coasters by legendary Finnish designer Marimekko -- they’ll keep the coffee table spotless during all her parties.

Click to Buy: Marimekko Unikko Red Plywood Coasters, set of 4, $38.50, alwaysmod.com and amazon.com

3. For Your Beauty Junkie Girlfriend

For Your Beauty Junkie Girlfriend

She helps beautify your face for a big night out, so why not return the favor with a trial kit of all the essentials.

Click to Buy: Smashbox Try It Kit, $18

4. For the Foodie Friend

For the Foodie Friend

She’s the first to tell you about a hot new restaurant, but she knows what she’s doing in the kitchen, too. This sweet spatula lets her know how much you care (and might be enough to butter her up for a taste of whatever she’s making).

Click to Buy: Valentine Spatulart, $10

5. For the Friend You Cry With

For the Friend You Cry With

She doesn’t just cry with you when you watch your favorite rom-coms; she shows up with popcorn and tissues. Make the fellow llorona in your life happy with this sweet DVD set of classic romances.

Click to Buy: Romantic Tales Box Set, $18.59

6. For Your Geek Friend

For Your Geek Friend

This tech-savvy hermana is the first one you call when your laptop goes on a frenzy. Thank her with this adorable mug whose heart fills up with every hot cup of tea or coffee. She’ll love the reminder of her favorite childhood video games and your years of friendship!

Click to Buy: Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug, $11.99

7. For the Funny One

For the Funny One

She keeps you cracking up, so why not return the favor with a book on a subject that’s always ripe for comedy: Sex.

Click to Buy: The Complete Worst Case Scenario Book Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex, $9.95

8. For the Girl You Hit the Club With

For the Girl You Hit the Club With

The two of you have danced on your share of tables. She’s always ready for a party and can probably get you in VIP. These stylish foldable flats will save her feet so you can party on the next night, no problem!

Click to Buy: City Slips Quilted Cap Toe Flats, $28

9. For the Straight Talker

For the Straight Talker

This one is honest with you almost to a fault. Boyfriend no good? She’ll tell you. You’re actually wrong in the fight you had with your mami? Yup, she’ll let you know. Tickle her funny bone with these tell it like it is stamps and let her know no hard feelings.

Click to Buy: Like and Dislike Stamps, $11.20