7 Tips for Vacationing on a Budget

Vacation season is here, and while your mind may be ready to jet off to a deserted island, your wallet might not be in agreeance.

The tips and tricks ahead will help you properly plan for a vacation, so you can enjoy every moment in the sun with your amigos.

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1. Tips for Vacationing on a Budget: Plan in advance

1. Plan in advance.

Everyone likes a little spontaneous weekend getaway, but when planning a bigger trip, it's important to think ahead. Check your calendar months in advance, and see what works best from there.

2. Tips for Vacationing on a Budget: Hotels

2. Scale down.

Sure, the hotel your favorite celebrity stays at looks amazing, but do you ever plan on eating again? If yes, hostels and Airbnb are the way to go. These options are more affordable and often offer a more adventurous, fun and authentic experience. 

3. Tips for Vacationing on a Budget: Plan meals

3. Plan your meals.

When it come to vacations, food is one of the most important components. It also happens to be one of the biggest wallet-drainers. 

Do your research ahead of time of places you definitely want to dine at, instead of aimlessly wandering and ending up at the pricey hotel bar. Aside from dining out, cooking in your hotel kitchen can also prove to be a money-saving night, and a fun night in, too. 

4. Tips for Vacationing on a Budget: Currency

4. Learn the currency.

Don't get stuck wasting money because you aren't familiar with the currency. No matter where you're traveling, it's important to stay on top of the conversion rate, especially if doing a little shopping.

5. Tips for Vacationing on a Budget: Off the Grid

5. Go off the grid.

When planning a trip on a budget, it's important to remember that the big-name tourist spots aren't the only places that exist. Consider the less popular towns and cities – they'll be more in your price range, and will most likely be more fulfilling in terms of culture, art and entertainment. 

6. Tips for Vacationing on a Budget: Flights

6. Look into various flight options.

Of course, one of the biggest vacation purchases is the airfare. You already know to plan ahead, but now it's time to learn that getting a flight with a layover will save you a whole 'lot of money. Consider the location and duration of the layover as another opportunity for adventure.

7. Tips for Vacationing on a Budget: Friends

7. Grab some friends.

You may be looking forward to going away with just your boo, but the reality is that group vacations bode better for your bank account. Get a group of friends together and take advantage of the many discounts that vacation spots put together for large parties.