Travel to Cuba Skyrockets

Travel to Cuba has grown incredibly fast over the last year with over 1,000 American visitors entering the country every day!

Business has been booming ever since President Barack Obama lifted travel restrictions. Now Cuban-Americans are able to travel freely between the two countries to visit their relatives and their homeland. The White House also loosened restrictions for travel to Cuba for academic, religious, cultural and business reasons. U.S. citizens are still technically forbidden to travel to the island nation without permission, and economic sanctions and the trade embargo have not been lifted.

"There is a huge increase this year compared with 2009," Armando Garcia, president of the oldest company that charters flights to Cuba, Marazul Charters, told MSNBC.

Though Cuba lies just 90 miles south of Florida, there are currently no direct flights from the U.S. to the island. Many tourists traveling from the U.S. get around the travel ban and lack of direct flights by traveling through Mexico and the Bahamas. The Cuban government is planning an expansion of the Havana International Airport to meet the demand and new charter companies are popping up everyday.