Travel: Colombia's Santa Marta

I recently took my partner with me to vacation in my home country, Colombia. We'd never seen the city of Santa Marta, located in the northern part of the country (a three hour drive from Cartagena), but once we arrived we knew it was magical. There's a reason why Colombians go there to vacation—it boasts an intoxicating mix of the Caribbean sea, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains and pure serenity. 

The foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta form six beautiful bays with clear blue waters in the area of the Tayrona Park, where you'll find fascinating wildlife and a beautiful coastline. We stayed at the Irotama (meaning “love nest” in the indigenous native language), which pretty much says it all. This resort is the perfect getaway for couples or families looking to enjoy a relaxing vacation by the beach with all the necessary amenities available in one place: pools, restaurants, bars and various nighttime activities.

Here's a quick glance at some of what this beautiful place has to offer.

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