Editors' Picks: Places to Visit

Satisfy your wanderlust and let our editors' favorite vacation spots inspire your own travels.

1. Travel: Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic:

In 2005, my then girlfriend (now wife) and I traveled to Prague -- our first trip together as a couple. The city's architecture is jaw-dropping. My favorite restaraunt was Kampa Park, which overlooks the grandiose Charles Bridge and served the most delicious lobster bisque ever. I still have food fantasies about it. - Jesus Trivino, Entertainment Editor

2. Travel: Marseilles, France

Marseilles, France:

Ever since my study abroad time in Paris, I've been itching to return to France. This time, I'll be headed to the southern city of Marseilles. With traditional French fish markets and Algerian-inspired bazaars, it's a melting pot of cultures. First up on he menu will be a bouillabaisse, the city's specialty fish stew. - Amanda Flores, Beauty Editor

3. Travel: Spain

Seville, Spain:

My sister, a friend and I had been staying in a quaint nearby town with friends, but when we hit Seville (my first time there), I was stunned. It's beautifully balanced between old and new: We climbed the Giralda, a tower that dates back to Moorish rule, and shopping in the super chic Triana neighborhood, walked through Plaza de Espana and the beautiful city gardens. Paris who? - Damarys Ocana, Executive Editor

4. Travel: Thailand

Amanpuri, Thailand:

Both my husband and I have traveled extensively and while Thailand was absolutely magical for our honeymoon, what was more impressive was the service at the Aman Resort. It was like no other place we have ever experienced. - Verky Arcos, Fashion Editor

5. Travel: Cuba

Havana, Cuba:

In 2004 and 2005, I was able to study abroad at La Universidad de Habana. I toured the entire island and was even able to visit the house my mother grew up in. Whether it's watching the sunset by El Malecon, eating lunch at a paladar or getting lost in Habana Vieja, the island feels like a second home to me. - Sugey Palomares, Digital Associate Editor

6. Travel: Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam:

I can't wait to eat my way through Hanoi's canteens, curbside kitchens and cafes. Not only does the capital have a great dining scene, but it has culture to spare. I plan to visit temples, galleries and outdoor markets while I'm in town. - Grace Bastidas, Deputy Editor