Tequila, Mexico

Check out our Latina travelers shots of the birthplace of Mexico's national bebida!

1. Tequila Carlos 3

Carlos Camarena watches over a vast field of agave , the key ingredient in Tequila.

2. Tequilla Agave Flower

Agave Flower

3. Tequila Agave Pina

Agave Pina from Sauza's Rancho de Indio

4. Tequila Mural

Mural at the patio of the Sauza distillery

5. Tequila Barrels 2

Barrels  from Sauza's Rancho de Indio

6. Tequila Wheel and Pit

Wheel and pit used at El Tesoro distillery to crush the agave pinas

7. Tequila Carlos 1

Carlos Camarena, master distiller for El Tesoro de Don Felipe, runs La Alteña Distillery in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico.