Style and Substance - CAR CONVO WITH ELORA

I am definitely committed to lessening my impact on the environment. So buying an eco-friendly car, like a hybrid, was just as important as getting one that wasn’t a gas guzzler. While I consider my lifestyle fairly “green”, I still love luxury and comfort.  

As a fashion stylist, how a car looks is as important to me as how it performs. I wanted a vehicle that reflected my personality: fashion-forward, on trend and totally capable. To my mind, the Prius v had the same things I look for in a high fashion garment: great lines, superior construction, and special detailing.

With the Prius v I got style plus safety.  It’s got seven airbags, advanced parking guidance, pre-collision radar, and Safety Connect® emergency assistance that makes me (and my family) feel confident when I am driving alone or with my team.

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