St. Lucia

1. St. Lucia - Beach

This is the beach at Jade Mountain's sister resort, Anse Chastanet. It's worth the trek down the hill to enjoy the calm Caribbean Sea.

2. St. Lucia - Exterior

This is the "Bridge to Infinity" leading to what is, by all accounts, the resort's best suite, JD-1.

3. St. Lucia - Interior

The rooms are sprawling with a separate bathroom area on the second level. This is the inside view of a "Sun" suite.

4. St. Lucia - Bed

You can encounter a fair share of bugs in the suites (Mostly ants. Don't ever leave your food sitting out!), but the mosquito nets around the bed keep guests safe at night. The lovely Jade Mountain staff also burns an oil that's great for keeping unwanted visitors away!

5. St. Lucia - Pool

Each of the private infinity pools overlook the Caribbean Sea and feature iridescent, recycled glass tiles and fibre optics.

6. St. Lucia - View

With this view from the sanctuary's seating area, who needs a TV?

7. St. Lucia - Pool @ Night

You'll want to hide away in your Jade Mountain suite with a loved one as soon as the sun starts to set. Doesn't get much more romantic than this, right?