Here’s the second thing I learned when I purchased my first car: don’t judge a car by its size. I needed a vehicle with a lot of room since, as a professional fashion stylist, I am always carting around a ton of clothing and accessories. 

A lot of the garments I use are originals on loan, and I just feel better carrying them with me vs sending them by messenger. So a car that was roomy and had a lot of cargo space was really high on my list.

With its rear hatch, the Prius v was perfect for easily loading, unloading and fitting all the clothes needed for a typical photo shoot.  In fact, it actually has more space than most small SUVs. Who knew? Plus, it has these great side storage compartments that are perfect for storing smaller items like belts, jewelry and other accessories.  But it wasn’t just the cargo space that made this model so spacious to me.  I love, love, love the available panoramic moon roof that has two windows above.  It's the most open air feeling I’ve gotten outside a convertible.

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