This Ecuadorian City is a Must Visit — See Why!

Forget Machu Pichu or Rio de Janeiro...

Quito, Ecuador took home the honor for "South America's Leading Destination" for the second year in a row at the 21st Regional World Travel Awards Gala, a.k.a. the Academy Awards of the tourism industry. The win is no surprise; the Ecuadorian capital boasts plenty of old world charm, exquisite architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and must-see historical sites.

Still not convinced? These 10 Instagram pictures will convince you to book a flight to Quito, Ecuador as soon as possible: 

1. Quito, Ecuador 1

The plaza surrounding San Francisco de Quito sparkles on a cloudy day. Quito's center proudly holds the honor as the first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site

Instagram | @monicavinueza

2. Quito, Ecuador 2

The Basilica del Voto Nacional, located at the historic center of Quito, boasts some of the most exquisite neo-Gothic architecture in the world. 

Instagram | @mausimonin

3. Quito, Ecuador 3

Just beyond the city lies a treasure trove of magnificent natural landscapes. 

Instagram | @jennyferflakita

4. Quito, Ecuador 4

The picturesque San Francisco de Quito is perched amidst the rolling green hills of surrounding Quito. 

5. Quito, Ecuador 5

One Instagram user photographed a colorful, patriotic procession on August 10th, Ecuador's Independence Day. 

Instagram | @xavi_yuquilima

6. Quito, Ecuador 6

The skyline of Quito simply shimmers at night. 

Instagram | @heidifrancol

7. Quito, Ecuador 7

This Instagram user snapped a breathtaking shot of the gilded, ornate interior of San Francisco de Quito. 

Instagram | @tonyrcp

8. Quito, Ecuador 9

The stunning Palacio de Carondelete ​serves as the seat of government for the Republic of Ecuador. 

Instagram | @mauriciomarinecheverria

9. Quito, Ecuador 10

For travelers hoping to enjoy the great outdoors, the sierras of the Ecuadorian countryside are easily accessible via Quito. 

Instagram | @luposeb

10. Quito, Ecuador 11

From afar, one can admire the colonial architecture and old world charm of Quito. 

Instagram | @monicavinueza