Notes From Abroad: The Study of Fashion

On the first day of class at the London College of Fashion, I was beyond excited. My flat mates and I got up early for breakfast, then we took the tube to school. The weather was lousy—cold and rainy. After arriving, we went to our classroom for orientation, where we learned that the man behind Jimmy Choo graduated from the very same institution! I think that was all I needed to hear to solidify this school as credible in my mind.

After a neighborhood tour led by the instructor (in the pouring rain, mind you), my friend and I dipped into a pub for lunch. I ordered “chips,” which is really fries (they call potato chips “crisps” in case you were wondering), and the waiter offered me vinegar to put on my fries. Vinegar? Uhh, no thanks. I politely declined and asked for ketchup instead. My waiter, who was French, said that French people eat chips with mayonnaise, and they're called pomme frites. Go Figure. 

The best part of the day was after class when the administrator held a welcome cocktail party for us, complete with beer and wine! The student lounge has a real bar in it (the legal drinking age is 18). My classmates and I enjoyed our happy hour in school. I wonder if I can transfer permanently…