Notes from Abroad: Landing in London

I arrived in London after a 6 hour flight. We flew out of Newark Airport on Virgin Atlantic, which was pretty cool. The food wasn’t bad and they give you a complimentary eye mask (for sleeping), socks (to keep your feet warm) and a toothbrush and tooth paste. I immediately put on my eye mask and socks and slept for four hours of the flight. We arrived at Heathrow Airport without incident and clearing customs was a breeze. I imagined it would be something of an interrogation, since applying for the Visa was like signing my life away.

But anyway, when my class and I finally entered our new digs for the next month, it was already 10pm London time. Needless to say we were hungry, tired and anxious. Unfortunately, most of the local spots to eat were closed, so I had to eat McDonald’s (I know, I know. Who travels all the way to London to eat Mickey D’s?), but my roommates and I swore we would never eat it again while we were here.

When we returned to our flat, we all logged onto our laptops and experienced the first of many power outages. Apparently the house we’re staying in is very old. It has no Air Conditioning, the toilet is indecisive about flushing, and the windows don’t open all the way. If too much electricity is being used at once, we have a mini black-out. We learned that in a pinch, an iphone makes for a good flashlight, and how to use a circuit breaker. I can’t wait to ride the tube. Stay tuned for my commuting experience…