Spooky Travels! 14 Haunted Hotels Around the World

Travelers have certain expectations when they check in to a hotel: a fresh room, crisp sheets, and attentive service. Most people, however, don't expect co-habitants from the afterlife to be sharing their rooms. What can they say? The service at these hotels keeps people coming back — even after death. 

At these 14 hotels, daring travelers can either sleep when they're dead — or they can sleep with the dead. 

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1. Cecil Hotel (Stay On Main) in Los Angeles, California

The Cecil Hotel,  the inspiration behind the latest season of American Horror Story, boasts a torrid history ripe with misfortune, tragedy and paranormal activity. Two serial killers — Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger — have stayed at the hotel — now called Stay on Main —and multiple people have committed suicide on the premises. 

The hotel solidified its haunted status in 2013 when a 21-year-old tourist named Elisa Lam went missing under shady circumstances. Two weeks after her disappearance, a hotel employee found her dead body floating in one of the hotel's water tanks. He'd been sent to examine them after the hotel received numerous complaints about low water pressure. 

A surveillance video showed Lam acting bizarrely in an elevator on the night of her disapperance. It appears that is conversing with or hiding from an invisible force. 

Authorities later ruled her death as an accidental drowning with bipolar disorder as a contributing factor, but no one can figure out how she managed to find her way onto the roof and into the water tank. 

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2. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel fully embraces its ghoulish residents. The hotel offers a Ghost Adventure Package, which includes a guaranteed room on the 4th floor, the most haunted floor in the massive hotel.

In 1974, horror author Stephen King stayed in room 217 of the hotel, just as the hotel was closing for the season. When he checked in with his wife, he discovered they were the hotel's only overnight guests. After dining in an empty room and walking down long, silent corridors, King settled in for the evening. That night, he had a dream about a young boy running corridors, screaming, and being chased by a fire hose. He woke, and dreamed up the plot for his next book: The Shining. 

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3. Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California

The Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, California, is infamously haunted by the ghost of a 24-year-old woman named Kate Morgan. She checked in on Thanksgiving Day in 1892, and waited five long days for her gentleman caller to join her. He never came, and she took her own life in desperation. Now, she haunts the third-floor guestroom where she originally stayed. Visitors have experienced flickering lights, a television that turns on and off, breezes from nowhere, items moving on their own, changes in room temperature, and other ghostly apparitions.

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4. Hotel San Diego in Guanajuato, Mexico

Visitors staying on the top floor Guanajuato's famously haunted Hotel San Diego have reported hearing doors slam, furniture being dragged and strange noises coming from the ceiling above them. It seems the ghosts of the hotel prefer to stay in the attic. 

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5. Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona

Jerome Hotel Grand has become a favorite destination for amateur ghost hunters, many of whom check-in with the hopes of experiencing one of its famous hauntings. Guests and hotel staff alike have seen a four- or five-year-old child running down the hallway of the third floor, crying sometimes, laughing other times. The child also appears at the foot of guest's bed, where he simply stares at the occupants of the bed.

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6. Gran Hotel Bolivar in Lima, Peru

Gran Hotel Bolivar in Lima, Peru has been the site of countless murders and suicides over the years. Many guests can attest to seeing a long-dead bellhop roaming the hallways of the historic watering hole.

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7. Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas

As many as 32 ghosts call The Menger Hotel — the "Most Haunted Hotel In Texas"  — their home, according to HauntedRooms.com. Among the most famous of these is President Teddy Roosevelt, who allegedly bought unsuspecting cowboys drinks the Menger Bar in the hopes of convincing them to join to his Rough Riders.

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8. Parador De Cardona in Cardona, Spain

Parador de Cardona, one of the region's most historic hotels, is housed within an 11th century medieval castle and Romanesque church. Visitors who stay in room 712 can attest to the hotel's creepy inhabitants. Many have reported that furniture in there moves of its own accord towards the center of the room — scary! 

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9. The Place d'Armes Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana

The Place D'Armes Hotel is considered one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans, a city renowned for its paranormal activity. Legend has it, the hotel is built atop the land where a school once stood. A fire destroyed the school — and killed every single child and teacher within. Many of their ghosts still haunt the premises, as well as the spirit of an elderly, bearded man dressed in 19th century attire. 

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10. The Langham Hotel in London, England

According to Haunted Rooms, the most active ghost at The Langham Hotel is a German prince who jumped out the window of his hotel room. Many guests have seen him move through walls from room to room, and his presence is often accompanied by a sudden, inexplicable drop in temperature. 

Room 333 has been the site of countless paranormal encounters, and it is believed to be the most haunted dwelling in the 500-room hotel. Guests who aren't easily frightened can apparently request the room upon check-in.

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11. Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

In August 1892, an unknown person brutally murdered Andrew and Abby Borden with an axe inside their home in Fall River, Massachusetts. Although their daughter, Lizzie Borden, was acquitted of the crimes, she has gone down in history as one of the most brutal, murderous women in history. 

The home where the murders took place now houses The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, which — unsurprisingly — has a reputation for paranormal activity. 

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12. Fairmont Banff Springs in Alberta, Canada

Don't let the stunning facade of The Fairmont Banff Springs fool you. The picturesque castle, the sweeping vistas, and elegant accomodations have convinced more than one guest to stay long past their reservation.

Hotel room 873 has been the site of countless hauntings, according to local legend. Allegedly, a man murdered his wife and younger daughter in the room before committing suicide. Their spirits never left the room — and it was eventually sealed off by hotel management.  

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13. Ballygally Castle Hotel in Ballygally, Northern Ireland

Don't stay at Ballygally Castle Hotel in Northern Ireland unless you hope to encounter a spirit from beyond the grave. The most famous ghost on the premises is Lady Isobel Shaw, who loves to knock the doors of rooms and disappear. 

"The Ghost Room", a small dwelling in a corner of the hotel, has been the site of so many hauntings that it is no longer available for reservations. It is, however, open for visits and tours. 

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14. Hotel El Convento in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Hotel El Convento was originally built as a convent, so, unsurprisingly, countless employees and visitors have reported encounters with some undead sisters of Christ. Many report hearing the swishing sounds of the nuns' robes, and others have been woken unexpectedly by a presence in the middle of the night.

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