La Pura Vida

Our intrepid traveler gets back to nature on her trip to Costa Rica.

1. Costa Rica 01

Volcán Arenal

La Fortuna has a perfect view of Volcán Arenal, the most active and youngest volcano in Costa Rica.

2. Costa Rica 02

Laguna de Arenal

Laguna de Arenal just before dark. The lake is man-made and provides water to the entire surrounding region.

3. Costa Rica 03

Volcán Arenal

Volcán Arenal emits steam regularly and on clear nights you can see lava rolling down the mountainsides.

4. Costa Rica 04

Laguna de Arenal

To get from La Fortuna to the nearby town of Monteverde, travelers have to cross Laguna de Arenal, the country’s largest lake.

5. Costa Rica 05

Horseback riding in Monteverde

Travelers explore Monteverde’s hillsides on horseback. (Horseback riding Finca Agroecoturistica Las Brisas: (506) 26-45-59-37/

6. Costa Rica 06

Leaf Cutter

A leafcutter ant, pointed out on the guided night walk through the Ecological Sanctuary in Monteverde.

7. Costa Rica 07


A tarantula at Monteverde’s Ecological Sanctuary.

8. Costa Rica 08

Monteverde hillsides

To get to and from Monteverde, you have to take a long and bumpy ride through the mountains, but the beautiful green landscape makes up for it.

9. Costa Rica 09

Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo, on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, in March. The hot and humid weather makes it hard to do anything except lounge on the beach and play in the waves, La Fortuna.

10. Costa Rica 10

La Fortuna

A view of La Fortuna from Hotel Vista del Cerro.