5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Girls Weekend

A girls weekend away is one of the most necessary and coveted few days a group of friends can take. No boys, no work, no problem!

Click through to learn how to make the most out of your mini-vacation with your girls.

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1. Girls Weekend: Food

Chances are, you and your gals are looking for some good food to fuel your weekend away. Be sure that the hotel or resort you're staying in has ample dining options.

On a recent girls' weekend to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, I hardly spent a minute without food. The location boasts more than 44 dining options of delicious eats to choose from.

2. Girls Weekend: Drinks

No girls' weekend is complete without drinks on drinks on drinks.

Before heading out for the weekend, do a little research on which bars you and your girls would likely enjoy the most, and be sure to check out which have happy hours and other specials going on.

3. Girls Weekend: Entertainment

Now, for the fun! Your girls' weekend is only as good as the entertainment and nightlife to go along with it. Make sure to look into the resort or hotel's events calendar, shows and other entertainment options before heading there to ensure tickets and space are available. 

For instance, the Mohegan Sun's entertainment lineup is chock-full of comedy shows, live performances and endless clubs to hit on any given weekend.

4. Girls Weekend: Activities

When not looking to hit the clubs, think of other activities for you and your girls to get involved in: shopping, hiking, spa treatments and more.

5. Girls Weekend: Chill time

More than anything, your girls weekend away should be relaxing and a time to unwind from your hectic life. Make sure to schedule in "chill time" in the room to have an old-school slumber party filled with hours and hours of movies and snacks.