The Best Gay-Friendly Travel In Spain & Latin America

If you’re an LGBT couple, family or even ally planning a vacation, it’s not always clear where you can and can’t travel safely.

Acceptance is a tricky but, luckily, the Pew Research Center recently released a world map that tells us exactly the percent of people who say homosexuality should be accepted by society. Among the top scorers? The U.S., of course, with 60% acceptance rates. But we know that’s not the kind of travel you’re really thinking about. Rounding out the list are some of our favorite countries in Latin America and Spain: Mexico (61%), Argentina (74%), Brazil (60%), Chile (68%) and Spain at a whopping 88% acceptance rate.

In order to celebrate this news (and because, let’s face, we all have the travel bug), we’ve compiled a list of the best gay-friendly travel spots (from hotel to beach to clubs to neighborhoods) in each of these countries. Now, get ready to pack your suitcase and away we go!

1. Gay-Friendly Travel: Spain


Hotel: Room Mate Oscar (Madrid)
Located near the Teatro Real and the Royal Palace, this hotel boasts a modern look that's hard to resist.

Beach: Barcelonetta (Barcelona)
The beautiful sandy beach also has an added bonus: many restaurants and night life along its boardwalk.

Restaurant: Kitchen by Axel (Barcelona)
The gay-friendly hotel features this delicious restaurant and recently opened wine bar.

Night Life: El Cangrejo (Barcelona)
Fun is almost a guarantee in this spot known for it's 80's dance parties and drag shows.

Festival: Madrid Pride (Madrid)
Also known as MADO (Madrid Orgullo), this grand celebration is one that you won't want to miss.

Museum: Galeria Elvira Gonzalez (Madrid)
Want a little culture with your trip? Head to this great museum in the Justicia neighborhood.

Neighborhood: Gayxample (Barcelona)
This elegant and trendy neighborhood is definitely one you need to explore on your Barcelona trip.

2. Gay-Friendly Travel: Mexico


Hotel: Hotel Mercurio (Puerto Vallarta)
A gay resort? Yes, please! This gorgeous property is the perfect getaway spot in Mexico.

Beach: Playa los Muertos (Puerto Vallarta)
Originally named for the legendary pirate raids that would frequent this beach, it is now a favorite destination of sun-bathers.

Restaurant: Sanborns (Cuernavaca)
Want to shop while getting some food? That's where this upscale department store and coffeeshop-and-bar-in-one comes in.

Night Life: Karamba (Cancun)
After you're done with the beach, head to this gay nightclub for a night of fun dancing, dancing and more dancing!

Festival: Mexico City Gay Pride (Mexico City)
LGBT people of Mexico city collect every June 30th in the capital's main square in front of the Presidential Palace to celebrate.

Museum: Museo Frida Kahlo (Mexico City)
You'll be amazed by the artwork of legendary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in this museum dedicated to her work.

Neighborhood: Zona Rosa (Mexico City)
This neighborhood, known for its prevalent gay community as well as shopping and nightlife, is fun to explore.

3. Gay-Friendly Travel: Brazil


Hotel: Hotel Fasano (Rio de Janiero)
It's on the pricy side but you get what you paid for: this hotel is known for its elegant luxury.

Beach: Copacabana (Rio de Janiero)
One of the most famous beaches in the world, lay in the sun for a while before checking out the promenade's restaurants and bars.

Restaurant: Vermont Itaim (Sao Paulo)
This restaurant actually doubles as a gay night club later in the night, but come here for the food first and foremost.

Night Life: Blue Space (Sao Paulo)
Located in a blue colonial house, this is one of the biggest night clubs in Sao Paolo and sure to be a night to remember.

Festival: Sao Paulo Gay Pride (Sao Paulo)
Nothing beats this oh-so-colorful celebration of pride in Brazil's largest city. Get in on the fun!

Museum: Museu de Arte Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo)
When you need a break from the dancing and beaches, head to this cultural spot for some beautiful art.

Neighborhood: Savassi (Belo Horizonte)
It's a prestigious area with lots to do: shopping, night life, restaurants, bistros, cafes, pubs and more.

4. Gay-Friendly Travel: Argentina


Hotel: AXEL Hotels (Buenos Aires)
There's no better way to enjoy the Argentine capital than in this gay boutique hotel featuring a to-die-for urban spa.

Beach: Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires)
Gorgeous, white-sand beaches are the perfect way to spend an afternoon or two, or maybe even five.

Restaurant: Rave (Buenos Aires)
A gay-friendly restaurant with amazing desserts? Sign us up! This delicious gem is hard to miss.

Night Life: Sitges (Buenos Aires)
Both a bar and a nightclub, you can come here for a chill drink, drag comedy shows, dancing, and everything in between.

Festival: Gay Pride Parade (Buenos Aires)
The LGBt community of Argentina has been dedicated to celebrating pride for over 20 years in the country's capital.

Museum: Evita Museum (Buenos Aires)
You won't want to cry for Argentina after visiting this iconic museum located in a beautiful mansion.

Neighborhood: Recoleta (Buenos Aires)
Wandering through this mainly residential neighborhood is an architecture and history lover's dream.

5. Gay-Friendly Travel: Chile


Hotel: Atton Las Condes (Santiago)
A modern hotel with plenty of space and a pool you won't want to miss, this one is a true gem.

Beach: Penguin Island (Santiago)
Just a short day trip out of Santiago, this seaside beauty is a spot that will delight anyone and everyone.

Restaurant: Mercado Centrail (Santiago)
The huge open-air market absolutely must go on your list of places to visit. It's just amazing.

Night Life: Club La Feria (Santiago)
Electronic music is what's on the menu at this thumpa-thumpa DJ favorite club in the center of the club.

Festival: Gay Parade (Santiago)
Typically held in downtown Santiago, join in on the fun for the annual March for Sexual Diversity.

Museum: Chilean National Museum of Natural History (Santiago)
One of the oldest natural history museums in South America, explore the natural world at MNHN.

Neighborhood: Bellavista (Santiago)
Filled with local artists, entertainers and some of Chile's best cuisine, this neighborhood is also ideal for shopping.