Find Wellness, Relaxation and Luxury in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Any discerning traveler knows that it's difficult to find hotels that are able to meet all of your needs and make you feel special. Well, if your needs include pristine beaches, insanely luxurious accommodations, health and wellness options, gourmet cuisine, top-notch service, access to nightlife, a full-service spa and seriously reasonable prices, then you must visit Villa La Estancia in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This grand condo/hotel and spa sits directly on a quiet, white sand beach and offers the kind of experiences dream vacations are made of. 

One thing that sets Estancia apart from the other luxe hotels in the area (Nuevo Vallarta doesn't skimp on the high-end) is its health and wellness program, which includes weight loss themes, nutritional training, beachfront yoga and body cleanses. Fees range from $179 for a 3-day program, to $359 for 5 days. Estancia's Wellness Director, Nilo Lucas, says vacation is one of the best times to focus on our health. "A great way to start new healthy habits and become connected to our body is when we are away from the office and our daily routines," he says. "With the event of the H1N1 virus, the health insurance reform and an increase obesity, our personal responsibility to our body must become one of our prime objectives."

Here is a small peek at the best of Villa La Estancia. 


1. Mexico - Room

As you can see, the rooms are spacious and beautiful. The 2 and 3-bedroom villas would be great for groups of friends and families traveling together (the hotel is extremely child-friendly). Each room comes with a full kitchen and washer and dryer, which will make you feel completely at home. Girls getaway, anyone?

2. Mexico - Beach

The hotel's beach looks like it jumped right out of your fantasies. Plus, you can walk a few short miles down the sand to a quaint beach town called Bucerias. It's intimate and colorful, with great seafood restaurants and cute shops.

3. Mexico - Yoga 1

Estancia's spa, Tatewari, has it all—you name it. The prices are so reasonable that you'll still feel relaxed after it's time to pay the bill.

4. Mexico - Yoga 2

There really is no better place to relax your mind and calm your spirit. Yoga is offered through the wellness program on the beach and in the spa. Namaste, indeed.

5. Mexico - Chef

Executive chef Laurent Delorme (pictured) is a true master and a colorful personality. You'll love his healthy food options from the wellness menu, which feature calorie counts so you know just what you're getting (or not getting). Rest assured, however, that the meals take no shorts on taste.