Your Summer Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Before It Cools Down

Just before our eyes, summer has flown by and we're already looking ahead to Labor Day and the oncoming Fall season. But wait! Summer's not over yet, and there's still plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. We've taken inspiration from some of our favorite stars to compile the ultimate Summer Bucket List. From drinking a margarita at a baseball game like Mario Lopez to kissing your honey underwater like Bella Thorne, here are 20 things to do before it cools down:

1. Ride Horses (or get secretly married!) like Naya Rivera

Nobody's had quite as busy summer as Naya Rivera! The Glee star got secretly married to Ryan Dorsey just three months after ending things with ex-fiancé Big Sean. Take a clue from her summer and get over an ex--and do it by riding horses on the beach just like her!

2. Drink Margaritas at a Baseball Game like Mario Lopez

Summertime is the perfect time to catch a game of ball. Whether you're an LA Dodgers fan like Mario Lopez, bleed blue for the NY Yankees or have some other team you love, head outdoors to watch some (really hot) guys swing bags, hit balls and enjoy a margarita for yourself. 

3. Get Lost on a Hike like Selena Gomez

What's better than a walk through a pretty area? Getting lost wandering around and admiring nature, of course! At least that's what Selena Gomez did recently, hashtagging her photo with #literallyhadnoideawherewewere. Hey, why not?!

4. Do a Cartwheel at the Beach like Gisele

The beach is a wonderful place, and there's nothing quite like laying on the hot sand and smelling the sea breeze. Unless, of course, you want to have a bit more adventure like Gisele and do a crazy fun cartwheel on the sand. We say go for it!

5. Make a Furry Friend like Jessica Alba (And Kids!)

Jessica Alba's adorable daughter made friends with a sweet puppy, and you can too! If you're not quite ready for pet ownership, ask to pet sit a friend's dog or cat or even opt to volunteer at an animal shelter--then soak up the furball's love!

6. Enjoy Some Ice Cream like Laz Alonso

It's summer! If you haven't been eating ice cream every day, then what are you doing? Indulge in a little sweetless just like hottie Laz Alonso, who stopped by a Mr. Softee truck to get himself an "old school" strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich. That sounds good to us!

7. Play Captain on a Yacht like Michelle Rodriguez

Sure, we're all talking about Michelle Rodriguez's hot summer hookup with Zac Efron, but the star has also had a fun summer of traveling and relaxing. Always wanted to drive a boat? Take some inspiration from her playing captain on a yacht and do the same! 

8. Play on a Swing Set like Mariah Carey

Okay, so maybe a long gown and swing sets don't exactly mix, a-la-divalicious Mariah Carey, but we love the idea of taking your kids to the park to play. Of course, if you don't have little kiddies to lug around, you can always go and play on a swing set yourself. No judgement.

9. Lounge During a Park Picnic like Adrienne Bailon

Our very own cover girl started her summer off right! Adrienne Bailon looked radiant during a picnic in Central Park, sipping wine and listening to Frank Sinatra. Even if you don't live in New York, there's no reason why you can't take a page from her book and host a picnic too!

10. Go Swimming with a Sea Friend like Demi Lovato

Swimming is great fun, but swimming with a sea friend is even better! Clearly Demi Lovato agrees, as she recently went for a swim with a stingray and loved it. "I mean... we practically made out," she said. Who can resist when it looks like so much fun?!

11. Go on a Crazy Adventure like Alexa Vega

We're not necessarily suggesting that you grab a bull by its horns the way Alexa Vega recently did, but her adventurous spirit is definitely something you need to capture! Life is about the fun moments, right? Her smile is something you should be carrying, too. 

12. Have a Big Family Reunion like La La Anthony

If you haven't seen the bulk of your familia yet this summer, what are you waiting for?! Labor Day is coming up, and why not get a big group of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents and kids together for a little reunion, just like La La Anthony did? Let's do it!

13. Get Your Tan on like Jennifer Lopez

Sure, not all of us Latinas are fans of tanning, but celebs like Jennifer Lopez make it look so appealing! Whether you're lounging in a park, by the pool or on the beach, catch some rays before the warm weather turns cool. Just don't forget the SPF! 

14. Hang Out with Koalas like Rico Rodriguez

Seriously, what's cuter than a koala? This adorable friend that Rico Rodriguez made on a recent trip is just the perfect end to the summer. You can make your own acquaintance with wild creatures by visiting your local zoo. It's tons of fun!

15. Kiss Your Honey Under Water like Bella Thorne

How sweet is this picture of Bella Thorne kissing her adorable boyfriend under the water? Run, don't walk, to the nearest body of water and recreate this adorable moment yourself! And don't forget the waterproof camera so that you'll have your own photo to share.

16. Try a New Sport like Aaron Diaz

Always wanted to try your hand at golfing, like Aaron Diaz? Or were you inspired by the World Cup to play fútbol? Start now! Look for casual leagues in your hometown, or get your friends together for a little match. It's never too late to start.

17. Relax During a Massage like Jordana Brewster

Summer's not the only perfect time for a massage, but Jordana Brewster sure makes relaxing look good! As if you needed another excuse to book yourself an appointment STAT, now's the time to get those muscles feeling good. Don't wait!

18. Be a Daredevil like Thalia

Maybe you don't quite want to try jumping off a cliff like the brave Thalia, but being a daredevil in someway this summer is a must for your bucket list. Get into the spirit by finding your own activity to tackle--rock climbing? naked yoga? What will YOU do?

19. Stop and Smell the Flowers like Nicole Richie

What's the best part of summer? All the gorgeous flowers, of course! Nicole Richie recently got into the stop-and-smell-the-flowers spirit, and you should, too. It's always a good idea to keep fresh flowers in the house, so make a weekly commitment to buy something with pretty petals to brighten up the home.

20. Enjoy a Theme Park like Dania Ramirez

Who doesn't love Disney theme parks?! Clearly Dania Ramirez is a huge fan. Whether you are a fan of kids rides or are itching to get on a roller coaster, theme parks are the way to go. They're a guaranteed day of fun for you and the whole family.