The 7 Best Wellness Retreats to Visit This Summer

Get out of town and keep your health in check at one of these feel-good spots that’ll still scratch that itch to detach from reality.

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1. Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa

Canyon Ranch

Where It’s At: Lenox, MA

The Vibe: You’ll feel like you’ve gone back several hundred years at this mountain retreat (it’s amidst the beautiful Berkshires) which is housed in a renovated mansion. With so many different options and types of trips available — literally, you’ll find spa-obsessed moms and daughters at the spa, those attending a twelve-step program, and someone try to figure out what’s going with fibromyalgia all eating (one of the many) delicious dinners made with local ingredients. 

Don’t Leave Without: Making some time for the grounds. It’s easy to get stuck inside the oasis that is the spa, but summer in the Berks is not to be missed. Sign up for an early morning hike to beat the heat.

2. Fisher Island Club

Fisher Island Club

Where It’s At: Fisher Island, Florida

The Vibe: Just a seven-minute boat ride from Miami, the Fisher Island Club offers the absolutely over-the-top, luxe Spa Internatzionale and a ton of privacy, making it a relatively unknown celebrity haunt. You can play golf and tennis on site and in seclusion, or spend hours swimming laps in the idyllic outdoor pool. But the spa is where you start to really feel better, with an incredibly array of facials, massages, and body wraps available.

Don’t Leave Without: Stretch yourself out (especially if you’re not from South Florida and are driving or flying), with a really incredible Thai massage session. During the 80 or 100 minutes (that’s right, you’re in it for the long haul), therapists work with you fully clothed to help loosen knots and tight spots with assisted stretching and of course some rubbing, too. It’s especially great for those who spend most of their time at a desk everyday. (Cough, we know that’s most of you.)

3. Lake Austin Spa Resort

Lake Austin

Where It’s At: Austin, TX

The Vibe: There’s a reason Lake Austin Spa bill itself as “America’s Favorite All-Inclusive Spa” — it’s totally awesome, especially during the summer, where it’s kinda like going to camp, but all grown up and for adults. You can start the day on the namesake body of water by “walking” on it (read: paddleboard), sneak in a HIIT class before lunch and wind down the afternoon with gentle yoga before heading to the Lakeside Spa, an unnecessary but incredible luxury in addition to the slew of activities offered on the house at the hotel.

Don’t Leave Without: Trying the Texas Starry night, a lavender-fueled massage and body wrap offered only at night (the best time to be outside during a hot Texas summer, naturally) and you’ll be soothed, relaxed, and ready to hit the sack for a solid night of sleep.

4. Miravel Resort

Miravel Yoga

Where It’s At: Tuscon, AZ

The Vibe: Panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert, to which wildlife like rattlesnakes call home, are just the start of this oasis retreat. The all-inclusive meal plan is elegant and customizable; the schedule is jam-packed with relaxing, complimentary activities and classes like daily yoga and aqua fitness classes, plus enhanced extras like floating meditation and sumptuous wine offerings with nightly dinners. (Which we recommend attending only in your bathrobe for the full ~*experience*~.

Don’t Leave Without: Spending some time under the full moon. With the desert’s scorching summer temperatures, some of the best activities are found under the stars. This summer, Miravel is offering three separate full moon retreats with additional activities like celestial yoga and tarot-card readings.

5. Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain

Where It’s At: St. George, UT

The Vibe: If you’re looking for a metaphysically-inspired experience, escape to the jaw-dropping red rocks in Utah, where the scenic background actually plays front and center for all things wellbeing (or frankly, just relaxing.) It also happens to be a good spot if you’re looking to do a mini National Park tour, as both Bryce and Zion are within driving distance (so definitely rent a car when you fly into Salt Lake City.)

Don’t Leave Without: Go ahead and book a Vibrational Sound Therapy massage. It may sound a little new age at first, but trust us when we tell you Tibetan singing bowls — those used in sound baths — are so positively relaxing we keep one at our desk for when things get a little crazy and, well, we need a little Zen. This takes desktime Zen to the mask by offering you a rubdown amidst the varying chimes aligned to one of your seven chakras.

6. Renew Breakup Bootcamp

Renew Breakup Bootcamp

Where It’s At: Upstate New York

The Vibe: Consider this Sgt. Pepper Lonley Hearts Club Band, but in real life. A lifelong relationship expert decided to round up all her advice and combine it with some mindfulness into a three-day retreat with those who’ve recently been in a long term relationship’s that’s ended or those who’ve been enduring heartbreak for far longer. All kinds of therapy are offered—exercise-induced endorphins included—as are hearty-but-healthy meals with similar-minded company who don’t need to make all the idle chatter you’d here, let’s say, on a Singles’ Cruise.

Don’t Leave Without: Opening up in group therapy — past bootcamp attendees swear that the best part of the three-day retreats were hearing and empathizing with other people’s stories.

7. Winivan Resort

Winivan Resort

Where It’s At: Litchfield Hills, CT

The Vibe: 18 unique luxury cottages dot this green resort, with guest rooms including options like a treehouse, a fully-restored helicopter, library, or greenhouse. (Yes, they’re all as incredible as they sound.) In addition to being welcomed with bicycles in every room for each guest, there’s a 40-foot swimming pool amidst a green meadow ripe for laps, and a fitness menu full of classes. Summer offerings include canoe trips, horseback rides,

Don’t Leave Without: Walking through (or just peer at, depending on the exact season) the three acres of organic garden, from which nearly all of the ingredients for the farm-to-table, on-site restaurant are gathered. And yes, the food’s even better than you could possibly expect.