Bali High

Our intrepid traveler discovers the perfect balance between her spiritual life and her need to party!

1. Bali bushel of something

Rice Farmers leaving with their crop after a day in the fields.

2. Bali Rice Shelves

One of the many beautiful terraced rice fields in Bali.

3. Bali climbing tree

A local resident climbs a palm tree to retrieve a coconut for tourists.

4. Bali carving figures

Local Balinese boys working on wood sculptures in the town of Ubud.

5. Bali cliff party

Balinese outdoor dance performance.

6. Bali walking down street

A typical afternoon scene in one of many ancient villages within Bali.

7. Bali little boys

Balinese boys wave to tourists.

8. Bali little girl

A little Balinese girl dressed to impress!