5 Adult-Only Vacation Spots

When it comes to getting away, there are a lot of things that can make your trip un-enjoyable. If you can, why not try to avoid at least one of the most annoying things that can happen on a trip — children. Here are five hotels where screaming kids aren’t allowed:

1. Palladium Royal Suites – Riviera Maya, Mexico

There’s something about having your own little hideaway that makes a vacation that much more enjoyable. While strictly adults-only hotels are great, you could lose out on some of those things that make a resort that much more enjoyable. With The Royal Suites, Riviera Maya you get all the exclusivity of an adults-only resort, but all the fun of a regular all-inclusive resort. Set to the side of the resort, you have your own lobby, pool, bar, and tram to take you wherever you need to go. With every cuisine you could ever imagine spanning over resorts on one compound, you can experience something different every night. And if you're feeling stressed out, head to the spa and get a massage in champagne oil, because there is nothing more relaxing.

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2. Ponta Dos Ganchos – Santa Catarina, Brazil

If you’re more into being at one with nature and relaxing around some beautiful greenery, Ponta Dos Ganchos is set in the middle of the rainforest. But if you somehow manage to get tired of the beautiful trees around you, enjoy some time on the secluded beaches or your private deck. If that doesn’t help, book an appointment at their spa and be happy that you won’t find any children running around.

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3. The Yellow Lagos Meia Praia Hotel – Meia Beach, Lagos

Take a break from everything and overlook the beautiful beach from your balcony or while laying poolside with your best friends at The Yellow Lagos Meia Praia Hotel. This adults-only (16+) hotel features incredible amenities, including relaxing massages at the Wood Spa.

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4. Jade Mountain – St. Lucia

With nothing but beautiful mountain views of St. Lucia, you’ll never want to leave Jade Mountain. The resort is a prime destination for lovers who just need to get out of their own heads and into a beautiful infinity pool. You’ll love waking up to the sound of nature and just overlooking the world with your loved one.

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5. Couples Tower Isle – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ever wanted an all-inclusive vacation on your own private island? Couples Tower Isle is the closest you could get without breaking the bank. With your own private white beach, beautiful views of the ocean, and staff that has received rave reviews, you won’t regret hanging out here.

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