WATCH: 3-Year-Old Gives Adorable Argument for Eating Cupcakes for Dinner

WATCH: 3-Year-Old Gives Adorable Argument for Cupcakes for Dinner

As little Mateo would say, "Listen, listen, listen" because this will be one of the cutest videos you'll see all day. We promise.

We couldn't help but laugh when we came across this super funny viral video on YouTube. Mateo, the adorable 3-year-old quoted above (and pictured on the left), gave his mother a compelling argument for having eaten cupcakes for dinner...even after she had told him not to. "Linda, honey, honey," Mateo tells his Mom, Linda Beltran, as he begins to try and explain his actions.

Mateo also tells mami Linda that he certainly deserved the cupcakes, not a "pow pow" which "burns your butt."

Watch Mateo in action below: